Zinnydori Traveler’s Notebooks

I received my newest Zinnydori a few weeks ago, and the color, size and newest feature makes it so perfect. You can see my review on the Zinnydori traveler’s notebooks here. I opted for the regular size, because I love all the extra room it gives, and it’s perfect for inserting pictures!

I have been using my Wild Orchid Zinnydori Unicorn from SimpleHeart’s shop as my journal and goals tracker. & just for being a reader of wendaful.com, Zinnia is offering 15% off her entire shop for a whole month! Starting today June 19th until July 19th, 2017 you will be getting 15% off your purchase with the code “RAINBOWENDA”. Click here to head over to SimpleHeart’s shop. You can take a look at her beautiful and colorful Zinnydori’s below:



If you’re new to these journals, basically a traveler’s notebook is a leather cover which consists of inserts. These inserts, which are little notebooks/booklets are held in place by bands within the leather cover to make your own customized journals. You can choose a notebook for each category or you can use one notebook for everything. It’s a very free style method of planning and journaling. The options are really endless. It has gotten very popular lately and you can find many people who make these fauxdori covers now. Midori was the original brand of traveler’s notebooks. They are lovely but very minimalistic. They’re known for their brown or black covers mostly. I love to get my fauxdori’s from Zinnia’s shop because they come in a range of beautiful bright and fun colors! Her fauxdori’s also has pockets, & recently she added a built-in pen loop! It’s perfect for any planner girl like myself who loves to carry a bunch of stuff! I love to be prepared! I also love that I can now carry my favorite pen with me at all times, in addition to using a DIY pen loop for my brush pen.

I know many people who use their traveler’s notebooks as their main planner. I used this setup the first time I got my Midori. I loved using my traveler’s notebook as a bullet journal. You can see how I set that up in this blog post here. But I now have a more productive way of planning which lessens the number of notebooks/planners I carry around with me. I’ll share that with you in another post.

Isn’t this traveler’s notebook the cutest?! I absolutely love the color and the bow I put on it is one I purchased from Whimsy Delight on Etsy.

My Traveler’s Notebook Setup

Now I am going to share with you how I setup my traveler’s notebook as a daily journal, goals tracker, checklist, travel journal and more! I love having this notebook by my bed where I can quickly write down what happened during the day and how I felt about it. In the evenings, I jot down things I am grateful for that day. In the mornings, when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I like to free write. I simply write down all my worries so I can start the day with a clean slate. I also write in it whenever I feel like I need to pour my heart out. It’s great to have somewhere to dump all this. Ever since I have been giving myself 5 minutes a day to just write I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and what needs to change to improve myself.

Inserts Used

So for my setup, I chose to use pre-made blank inserts. I bought this 3 pack of notebook inserts from Amazon. It came with the grid, lined and blank paper inserts. The pages are very thick! I also bought these Tomoe River Paper Inserts which came in dot grid (also from Amazon, mainly because I couldn’t wait to start setting it up and wanted same-day shipping! if you want you can click here to try Amazon Prime’s 30-Day Free Trial!)

I usually make my own dot grid inserts but when I want colorful thick paper I turn to Yellow Paper House for my traveler’s notebook journals. They are perfect for journaling! My next set of inserts will definitely be from them!

I also have a Kraft folder, and a zip pouch. I use the kraft folder to hold some stickers and the zip pouch to carry around all my ephemera so I can decorate on the go!

[amazon_link asins=’B01GYPOMSA,B01N2QT50V,B06Y19RJZG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wwc045-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’618012c4-5574-11e7-b9e3-c5dc054efc9c’]

My Notebook Sections:

These are the 4 notebooks or booklets I have in my zinnydori. Each booklet has a purpose and I love that I can keep it organized this way.

  • Booklet #1: Daily Goals & Habits Tracker
  • Booklet #2: Travel Journal
  • Booklet #3: My Diary
  • Booklet #4: Pinteresting Ideas

Booklet #1: Daily Goals & Habits Tracker

In this first notebook, I use a grid insert. Here I like to keep track of daily habits and goals that I want to achieve in order to live a better and healthier life. I use one page to track a complete year. I write down the months across the top, the number of days of each month down in the column, and fill it out with a key for each. You can see the picture of my index down below. I decorate each page title with washi tape and stickers. I also have a checklist for cleaning and decluttering (pictured below)

Booklet #2:  Travel Journal

This booklet is just what it sounds like. A travel journal. At first, I used to put pictures of everyday life and jot down a memory in my traveler’s notebooks, but it got too much for me. Most of the time it ended up just becoming a photo album and not a journal at all. I didn’t have time to do that for every moment. So now I only like to journal and write for the big occasions. I want to travel to many places and I want to be able to document it all in this notebook. It’s going to be so nice to fill it up with all my adventures. Since this booklet is where I like to decorate and be all artsy, I had to also put in my portable peerless watercolor palette right over it. This can also be found in Zinnia’s shop and is perfect for water coloring on the go. All you need is this palette and a water brush!

Booklet #3: My Diary

So my diary is filled with my daily thoughts, worries, reflections and more. I mostly free write in it whenever I feel like I need to express my feelings. I also like to do weekly reflections in it where I assess my health, love, family, energy, emotions, career, and creativity levels. I write down things I need to improve on like a habit to develop or break, what to focus more on, what to stop being afraid of, what I can spend more or less time on, etc. Then I also do a “currently” list where I write down everything I am listening, wearing, feeling, thinking, eating, etc. I think it’s important to assess yourself so you can improve yourself.

Booklet #4: Pinteresting Ideas

So this is more of a fun booklet for me. I love Pinterest, I mean who doesn’t? The thing is my Pinterest is filled with projects that I never really look back on. You can follow me here on Pinterest! It’s all online but when you write things down in a notebook you remember it much better. I wanted a place where I can materialize all these ideas. So I printed out my top Pinterest ideas and pasted it into this notebook. Now, whenever I feel like DIY’ing some project I just look through this notebook and check it off once it’s done! I even separated the sections for Kids, Home & Organization, Planning Ideas, and more!

So that’s it for my setup! I wanted to keep it simple, but it’s still pretty packed! Everything is just easier when things are simple. When I overcomplicate things it makes it harder for me to use. I love having a separate notebook for things I want to track and journal about. This is what a traveler’s notebook means to me. My dreams, goals, and memories all in one place.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post and taking a peek into my traveler’s notebook! Remember to use the code “RAINBOWENDA” that Zinnia is offering for 15% off her entire shop starting today June 19th until July 19th, 2017. Click here to head over to SimpleHeart’s shop.