You guys!!! I am so excited to share with you my review of the new Planner Punch by We R Memory Keepers! This is a game changer for us planner addicts!


PLANNER PUNCH REVIEWI am going to share with you why this is the only planner punch you will need for any kind of planner you have. Whether you have a  pocket, personal, a5, Daytimer, Franklin Covey, Erin Condren, Day Designer or anything else, this punch will do it all for you! For the spiral and disc planners, you would have to purchase separate inserts. The planner punch board only comes with the circle standard hole punches, but they can be customized with these interchangeable add-on accessories for disc and spiral bound planners.

Where to Buy:

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Compared To Other Punches:

Open 6 Hole Punch from Amazon

Before this planner punch from We are Memory Keepers, I was using this Open 6 Hole Punch from Amazon for my ring binders. I loved this planner punch since it was easily adjustable for my pocket, a6, personal and a5 planners. The only thing that it wasn’t great at? Lining up my hole punches so it can be centered on the paper every time. I would punch stacks of paper and every time the holes were always a little off so when I went to put it into my planner some pages were higher or lower than the rest. This annoyed me as I wanted a very clean and lined up stack of inserts. I soon learned of this hack from this YouTube video, which helped me to keep my pages lined up though.

With the new Planner Punch Board though, you won’t ever worry about this problem. It has a guide to line up your paper, no matter what size paper you are using is!

Single Hole Puncher for 6 Ring Binders

I also used to use just a single hole puncher. You know how hard to line all those up, nevermind how tired your hands will be after just a few pages.

Single 1/8 Hole Puncher for Erin Condren Spiral Planners

OMG! This was impossible to use, I tried this once and failed miserably. What a waste of money this was for me. I was never able to space it out evenly and they were so hard to punch! I just used coil clips if I ever wanted to insert anything in my EC planner.

Project Life Spiral Punch

There was also this punch I used for my wire-o spiral binders, I liked these, but again they didn’t have a guide for me to line my paper in. & they didn’t have a slit in the punch so I can insert it into my planner so I always had to cut slits into each hole by myself.

How to Use This Planner Punch

For Ring Binders:

  • To use this punch, all you will need are the hole punches it comes with already.
  • Once you have your inserts printed out and trimmed to the correct size, the first thing you need to do is figure out which planner style you have.
  • Once you know which style you have, refer to it in the guide.
  • Then insert your punches into the position it tells you to.
  • Insert your paper and align it to the edge.
  • Then punch.
  • Flip the paper over and repeat!

So easy!

For Spiral Planners:

  • To use this punch,  you will need the spiral inserts
  • Once you have your inserts printed out and trimmed to the correct size, the first thing you need to do is figure out which planner style you have.
    • For spiral, you can choose from 3 different kinds of holes
      • 4 holes per inch – round – perfect for coiled planners like the Erin Condren
      • 3 holes per inch – round
      • 2 holes per inch – square – perfect for double wire-o spiral planners such as the Day Designer, Untimely Planner
  • Once you know which style you have, choose your punch.
  • Then insert your punch into position #37
  • Insert your paper and align the edge of it to the “center” guide line
  • Then punch
  • Move the paper over to the left and line up the punched hole to the printed hole punch guide on the punch and then punch again
  • Repeat this until you’ve punched your entire paper or card


For Discbound Planners:

  • To use this punch, you will need the disc inserts.
  • Once you have your inserts printed out and trimmed to the correct size, the first thing you need to do is figure out which planner style you have.
    • the disc inserts come with a small sticker chart for more planner styles such as the MAMBI happy planner and more.  You can stick this on the bottom of your planner punch as well.
  • Once you know which style you have, refer to it in the guide.
  • Then insert your punches into the position it tells you to
    • The colors corresponds with the punch colors
  • Insert your paper and align it to the edge.
  • Then punch.
  • Flip the paper over and repeat!

My Honest Review of The Planner Punch Board

I LOVE this planner punch. I like anything that can simplify my craft supplies. Now I don’t need to store 4 different kinds of punches for my planners. I can have just this one.

We R Memory Keepers provides an easy reference guide right on the back of the planner punch itself! This makes it so easy to use and you won’t ever have to worry about losing it! It tells you how to use it, where to insert your punches and what your paper size should be! Here’s better chart of all the planners listed:

Why this Planner Punch is the BEST!

  1. Can be used for ANY planner
    • Ring bounds – these punches come standard with the punch board. These can be used for any size – pocket, a6, a5, personal, 2 rings, 3 rings etc. — with the openness of the punch it makes it easy to customize the punches to wherever you want to fit any planner possible.
    • Discbound – insert sold separately. Great for planners of any size! Perfect for inserting pages into your Arc or Happy Planners.
    • Spiral bound planners – Most common planner coils are in this set of inserts which is sold separately. The Spiral punch insert also comes with slits to allow for the paper to inserted easily into your pre-bound planners
  2. You only need ONE planner punch and some inserts. Saves you so much space in your craft room. We already have a ton of supplies and tools, having this one tool will help us clear the clutter!
  3. Easy to Use – directions are easy to follow, and if you forget it’s written right on the back! It doesn’t strain your fingers or hands and it’s so smooth and easy to punch through papers! Just slide your paper in and push down!
  4. Easy Reference Guide – which includes an entire list of all the most popular planners on the market. I was able to find out how to configure my punches in addition to figuring out the exact size of paper of my insert. Such a great chart to reference!
  5. Can punch up to 5 pages at a time without jamming! I tried punching up to 6 pages of 28lb paper and it punched through it but with a little force. So I’d suggest punching only up to 5 pages at a time.
  6. Can punch through lamination! I was able to punch my laminated today markers with this punch without it jamming!
  7. Very compact and light for a hole punch. The punches also interlock with each other for easy storage!

What Would Make This Punch Better?

  1. If I can punch 6 holes at a time for larger planners. This punch can only punch 3 holes at a time for a5, then the paper needs to be flipped over to punch the remaining 3 holes. I don’t mind this too much since  I know this might bother some people, but I do think the compact size of the punch makes up for this extra step.
  2. If there was an easier way to store the punched paper mess. The mess stays in the tray and I sometimes forget about it, so when I go to pick up the punch, it falls out everywhere! At least the back comes out so you can clean and empty it out easily.
  3. If the spiral planner punch inserts were just a bit larger. So I wouldn’t have to move it over and repeat every 2-3 holes. Especially if I am going to be punching a larger piece of paper. This is fine for little projects. It’s pretty easy and aligned so I can’t complain much.

& that’s pretty much I all I can think of. I love this planner punch and wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t. It’s an all-in-one planner punch! Thank yous o much We R Memory Keepers for creating such an amazing product for us planner girls!

Have I sold you yet? If so, just click here to shop now for the Planner Punch by We R Memory Keepers!

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We R Memory Keepers kindly sent me this punch free of charge for review purposes, but as always, opinions are entirely my own.