• how to sync digital planner to calendar

    How to Sync Your Digital Planner to Your Google or Apple Calendar

    If you’re tired of juggling between your digital planner and your online calendar, I’ve got a game-changing method for you. Today, we’re diving into how you can sync your digital planner with your Google or Apple Calendar using a simple drag-and-drop method. Trust me, it’s going to revolutionize your planning game.

    The Problem with Google Calendar Links

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about Google Calendar links in digital planners. While they might seem convenient, they open up in a new window, disrupting your planning flow. Sure, there’s a workaround, but it involves multiple steps that can be quite distracting.

    Why You Might Not Need Google Calendar Links

    The drag-and-drop method I show in this video is so streamlined and efficient that you might not even need those Google Calendar links anymore. No more new windows, no more pop-ups—just a smooth, seamless planning experience.

    The Drag-and-Drop Method with Apple Calendar

    If you’re an Apple Calendar user, this method is going to be a game-changer for you. Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Link Your Google Calendar to Apple Calendar

    First, make sure your Google Calendar is linked to your Apple Calendar. Go to settings, then to the calendar, and add your Gmail account.

    Step 2: Open Your Digital Planner and Apple Calendar Side by Side

    Open your digital planner in an app like GoodNotes or Noteshelf. Then, use the split-screen feature to open your Apple Calendar beside it.

    Step 3: Drag and Drop Events

    Simply use the lasso tool to circle the event in your digital planner that you want to add to your Apple Calendar. Drag it and drop it into the specific day and time slot.

    Step 4: Customize and Save

    Feel free to customize your event with reminders, notifications, or color-coding. Once you’re satisfied, hit save.

    And there you have it—a simple, efficient way to sync your digital planner with your Google or Apple Calendar. No more juggling between apps or dealing with pesky pop-ups. Just a smooth, streamlined planning experience.

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    If you’d rather have your events inside of your digital planner use this video to learn how to do so: https://www.wendaful.com/2023/05/the-ultimate-zoomnotes-tutorial

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  • Mastering ClickUp for Personal Use


    Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today, we’re diving into one of my favorite productivity tools—ClickUp. I’ll be sharing some of my most-used features and how I’ve tailored clickup for personal use. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

    If you don’t have clickup yet sign up here: clickup.pxf.io/4PyX90

    The Home Screen: Your Daily Dashboard

    Why I Love It

    The home screen in ClickUp is a game-changer for planning your day. It organizes tasks by date and even allows you to integrate your Google Calendar. It’s like having a personal assistant right on your screen!

    How to Integrate Google Calendar

    To integrate your Google Calendar, simply go to the settings icon on the home screen and select “Integrations.” From there, you can link your Google account and have your calendar events displayed alongside your ClickUp tasks.

    Time-Blocking Your Day

    One feature I adore is the drag-and-drop functionality. You can easily time-block your day, ensuring you’re making the most out of every minute.

    Time-Blocking Tips

    • Use different colors for different types of tasks (e.g., work, personal, family).
    • Allocate specific time slots for breaks and leisure activities.
    • Review and adjust your time blocks at the end of the day for better planning tomorrow.

    Weekly Planning: The “Everything” Space

    Setting Up Your Weekly To-Do

    The “Everything” space is my go-to for weekly planning. It aggregates tasks from all my lists into a single board with a vertical layout. To set this up, create a new view, filter tasks due within the next seven days, and sort them by due date. Voila! You have your week at a glance.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Weekly To-Do

    1. Go to the “Everything” space.
    2. Click on “Add View” and select “Board View.”
    3. Use the filter option to select tasks due within the next seven days.
    4. Sort these tasks by their due date.

    Custom Categories

    I’ve also set up custom fields like “Master Categories” to automatically categorize tasks into areas like business, home and family, and personal care. This way, I can easily see what needs attention in each category.

    How to Set Up Custom Categories

    1. Go to the task settings.
    2. Add a custom field and name it “Master Categories.”
    3. Add the categories you want, like “Business,” “Home and Family,” etc.
    4. Set up automation to categorize tasks as they come in.

    Calendar View: A Visual Snapshot

    Color-Coding for Clarity

    The calendar view is another gem. I’ve color-coded my tasks to easily distinguish between personal, business, and other categories. You can do this by hitting the “Show” button and selecting “Color Task by List.”

    How to Color-Code Your Calendar

    1. Go to Calendar View.
    2. Click on the “Show” button.
    3. Select “Color Task by List.”
    4. Assign colors to different lists for easy identification.

    Weekly or Monthly View

    You can toggle between a weekly or monthly view, depending on how detailed you want your planning to be.

    When to Use Weekly vs. Monthly View

    • Use the weekly view for detailed planning and to focus on immediate tasks.
    • Use the monthly view for long-term planning and to get an overview of your month.

    Personal and Home Management: The Folders You Need

    The “Personal” Section

    In my ClickUp, I have a section called “Personal” where I manage everything from meal plans to important information like medical and financial records.

    Folders and Their Colors

    • Home and Family Tasks: Green
    • Meal Plans: Green
    • Personal Planner: Pink
    • Wish List: Green
    • Important Information: Green

    Home and Family Tasks

    This folder is the hub for all family-related tasks. I’ve got different statuses like “To Do,” “To Buy,” and “To Go.” For example, basketball class every Monday is under “To Go,” and my ongoing shopping list is under “To Buy.”

    Special Mention: Birthday Planning

    Since my daughter’s birthday is coming up, I’ve added a special “Birthday Plan” list to keep track of all the preparations.

    The FlyLady Cleaning Method: A Cleaner Home, Simplified

    I’ve adapted the FlyLady Cleaning Method into my ClickUp. This involves setting up daily tasks, morning routines, and even detailed cleaning lists for different zones in the house. I’ve set these tasks to recur weekly, so I never miss a spot!

    Meal Planning Made Easy

    I used a template for meal planning that I got from a course. It includes different types of meals like salads, sandwiches, and tacos. I’ve grouped them by meal type and even have a grocery shopping list that pops up with items I need to buy.

    Personal Planner: More Than Just Tasks

    This is where I keep track of books to read, self-care actions, and even my bucket list. I’ve got custom fields to show locations, whether they’re abroad, in town, in-state, or in the U.S.

    Crystal Collection & Makeup Inventory

    I also have a document for my crystal collection and an inventory of my makeup, complete with pictures, so I don’t end up buying the same shades again.

    Important Information: Keep It All in One Place

    This is the folder where I keep all the crucial information. From medical receipts to car information and even school IDs, everything is organized in tables within each task. It’s like having a digital home management binder! If you want this as a template you can find it here.

    Categories in Important Information

    • INBOX
    • ✅ TO DO’S
    • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 FAMILY
    • 🏡 HOME
    • 🛒 SHOPPING
    • 🥗 FOOD
    • 🏋️‍♀️ HEALTH & FITNESS
    • 💁‍♀️ PERSONAL
    • ⛑MEDICAL
    • 🚗 AUTO
    • 📓 SCHOOL
    • 🎉 SOCIAL


    So there you have it! That’s how I use ClickUp to manage my personal life. From color-coding tasks to setting up detailed folders for every aspect of my life, ClickUp has been a lifesaver. I hope this guide helps you as much as it has helped me. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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  • Back to School Routine: Your Ultimate Guide to Success 🎒

    The back to school routine school is here, and it’s time to embrace fresh starts and new routines. As parents and students alike face the whirlwind of back-to-school preparations, organization and planning are key. In this guide, you’ll discover practical and tailored tips to streamline your mornings and ensure a successful school year ahead.

    1. Establish a Back to School Morning Routine for Success

    A successful day begins with a successful morning, right? Here’s how to make it happen:

    • Wake Up Early: Place your alarm across the room to avoid snoozing, or experiment with gradual wake-up light alarms for a gentler start.
    • Mindful Moments: Dedicate 5-10 minutes for deep breathing, stretching, or journaling. Free apps can guide beginners through mindfulness practices.

    2. Prepping the Night Before: A Time-Saving Strategy 🌙

    A little bit of night-before prep goes a long way for your back to school routine. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

    • Plan Outfits and Lunches: Lay out clothes and prepare lunches in stackable containers. Prepping lunches the night before can save both time and stress. & Don’t forget to fill up those water bottles!
    • Organize Backpacks: Create a designated space for school items. We have a little desk right by the front door filled with papers, pencils, glue sticks, anything they may need for school and we always make sure they’re stocked and ready in their backpacks. There’s also a charging station for their chromebooks!
    • Set Goals for the Day: Keep a notebook by your bedside for jotting down the next day’s goals.

    3. Homework and Study Schedule for Better Grades 📚

    Staying on top of homework doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

    • Set Clear, Achievable Goals: Use SMART goals for success. Break tasks downs and make them manageable.
    • Effective Time Management with the Pomodoro Technique: Study for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. Repeat. Doing this with the kids’ homework makes it so much less stressful!

    4. Family Coordination: The Key to Smooth Sailing 🏠

    Our families are our teams, and communication is key.

    • Shared Family Calendar: Google Calendar is a free and convenient tool. We are an iOS family so we’re on the Apple Calendar.
    • Weekly Family Meetings: Keep everyone on the same page with regular check-ins.

    5. Organizing School Supplies: A Stress-Free Approach ✂️

    I love organization, so this part gets me excited!

    • Designated Spaces for Everything: Label shelves or drawers.
    • Create a schedule: Use my free printable below or create a schedule for your middle or high schooler for their classes. This year I used this generator from this website and my son loved his new color coded schedule. We input his classroom number and his teacher for each period.
    • Declutter Regularly: A monthly reminder to declutter will keep spaces fresh and functional.

    6. Building Healthy Habits for Lifelong Success 🍎

    Healthy habits sets our kids up for success.

    • Incorporate Exercise: Include fun activities like dance or biking.
    • Plan Nutritious Meals: Create a weekly menu with your children’s input.

    7. Budget Planning for School Expenses: Smart Financial Management 💲

    Being mindful of our spending helps us achieve our goals

    • List Anticipated Expenses: Categorize costs and break them down to keep it clear.
    • Set Savings Targets: Consider discounts, bulk buys, and second-hand options.

    Free Printable for Ultimate Planning 🖨️

    To make your back to school routine planning even more wendaful, download our editable free printable family schedule planner designed exclusively for this guide. This is the a5 version if you want It in your planner. It includes sections for your morning, afternoon and evening tasks, the time to do it, and who’s responsible, with a checklist for the whole week. The printable is editable and I have inserted my specific routine but you can edit it to fit your schedule!

    Download your files here:

    This works best if you’re on your computer. If you are on mobile, you will have to save it to your files first before you can edit it.

    a5 family schedule printable (818 downloads) US LETTER - family schedule printable (963 downloads)

    Tips for Success

    • Consistency Is Key: Stick to the routine as closely as possible.
    • Flexibility: Allow room for unexpected events.
    • Involvement: Include children in the planning process.

    Embrace the New School Year with Confidence

    Back-to-school is a time filled with both excitement and challenges. But by putting these strategies into practice, you’re setting yourself up for a harmonious, productive, and absolutely ‘wendaful’ school year.

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  • Streamline Your Business with the Power of Systeme.io: Boost Your Productivity and Success!

    In this ultimate guide, we’re exploring Systeme.io, the all-in-one platform that has truly redefined the way I sell digital products, conduct email campaigns, deliver courses, and more.

    The Journey Towards the Right Platform:

    Like many entrepreneurs, my journey towards finding the perfect online platform for sales funnels was filled with trials and errors. I experimented with various platforms, including Teachable, Kartra, FG Funnels, and Podia, each with its own strengths. However, I was searching for a platform that was not only affordable but also somewhere I can do everything all in one place, easy to master and rich in features. That’s where Systeme.io stood out.

    Cost Comparisons:

    When we talk about cost-effectiveness, Systeme.io is a clear winner. While Kartra and FG Funnels start their pricing at $99 and $97 per month respectively, and Podia comes in at a more affordable $39, Systeme.io steals the show with its starter plan at just $27 per month. Although because my business has many funnels and email marketing campaigns I opted for the webinar plan which gives me up to 50 funnels. They even have a free plan that lets you get started with 3 funnels!

    Systeme.io’s Price Plans

    The All-In-One Solution:

    One of the key benefits of Systeme.io is its all-in-one functionality. Before, I had to subscribe to various services such as email marketing platforms, Shopify for e-commerce, and others for different aspects of my business. Now, thanks to Systeme.io, I’ve been able to cancel those subscriptions and streamline everything into one user-friendly platform. This not only saves costs but also simplifies my workflow significantly.

    Why Systeme.io?

    Ease of Learning:

    Unlike its competitors, Systeme.io proved to be the most user-friendly. Its intuitive platform, easy navigation, and comprehensive features allow you to master the system quickly, saving precious time.

    systeme.io sales funnels

    Selling Digital Products:

    Selling digital products has never been easier, thanks to Systeme.io’s seamless drag-and-drop funnel builder and integrated payment gateway. What used to take hours now only requires a few minutes.

    Email Campaigns:

    With Systeme.io’s built-in email marketing software, crafting and sending newsletters, follow-ups, and promotional content is effortless. Plus, with its detailed analytics, I can track campaign performance and gain invaluable insights for future strategies.

    Delivering Courses:

    When it comes to course creation and delivery, Systeme.io shines. The user-friendly interface and automation features simplify student enrollment and course content delivery. If you want to see the funnel in action you can take a look at my sales page for my signature course the productive game plan here.

    systeme.io course

    Migration Support:

    One major perk of Systeme.io was their migration support. Their dedicated team ensured a smooth transition of my course content from the previous platform, saving me from potential technical difficulties. I moved my entire course from Podia to Systeme.io and they brought over all the videos, images, files, and even the sales page! It took a couple of weeks but my course was up and running and I didn’t have to do anything! They only help you migrate though if you buy the annual plan which was extremely affordable compared to its competitors.


    Choosing Systeme.io has undoubtedly been a game-changer for my online business. Its blend of affordability, ease of use, and feature-rich tools has revolutionized the way I sell digital products, run email campaigns, and deliver courses. Their top-notch customer service and migration support provided an easy transition, solidifying Systeme.io as the ultimate choice for digital entrepreneurs.

    At Wendaful.com, we are committed to helping you navigate the world of digital productivity and organization. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and insights on how you can leverage platforms like Systeme.io to drive your success. Remember, with the right tools and strategies, the digital world is truly wendaful!

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  • Step-by-Step House Cleaning Guides (Free Bathroom Printable Included)

    Cleaning isn’t typically on the list of activities that excite us, especially when it comes to children. However, it’s a necessary part of life, and learning how to clean properly from a young age can impart invaluable skills. Moreover, when everyone in the household understands what needs to be done and how to do it, the cleaning process becomes more streamlined and less daunting.

    An effective method for teaching kids (and adults!) how to clean properly is through the use of House Cleaning Guides. House Cleaning Guides are simply step-by-step procedures that outline all the tasks required to complete a specific cleaning chore. In this post, we’ll be focusing on cleaning the bathroom.

    Why Use House Cleaning Guides?

    House Cleaning Guides, also known as step-by-step cleaning procedures, are a powerful tool to simplify and standardize your cleaning routine. These cards can help you break down your cleaning routine into smaller, more manageable tasks, making it easier to keep your home clean and organized.These guides offer several benefits:

    1. Consistency: They ensure each task is performed similarly every time, maintaining a clean and organized home.
    2. Efficiency: By breaking down tasks into smaller parts, House Cleaning Guides promote a more manageable and less overwhelming approach to cleaning.
    3. Shared Responsibility: They clearly outline everyone’s duties, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability in both kids and adults.

    Creating House Cleaning Guides for Cleaning

    The initial step is to divide the cleaning tasks into manageable parts. Let’s consider the bathroom as an example. Cleaning the entire bathroom may seem overwhelming, but when we divide it into zones, it becomes much more manageable.

    Here are the four main zones for a bathroom:

    1. Zone 1: Sink and Mirror Area
    2. Zone 2: Toilet
    3. Zone 3: Shower/Bathtub
    4. Zone 4: Floors and General

    For each zone, list the tasks to be done, along with brief instructions on how to perform them. Ensure the language used is child-friendly if the guides are meant for kids.

    Free Printable Bathroom Cleaning Guide

    To assist you in starting, we’ve prepared a free printable House Cleaning Guide for cleaning the bathroom, broken down into the four zones. This printable includes detailed instructions and can be placed in the bathroom for quick reference.

    Reaping the Benefits of House Cleaning Guides

    When House Cleaning Guides become a part of your cleaning routine, you’ll find tasks are completed more thoroughly and efficiently. More importantly, children will learn valuable life skills, fostering a sense of shared responsibility in the home.

    Remember, the key to success with House Cleaning Guides is consistency. Over time, cleaning will evolve from a daunting chore to a well-practiced routine that every family member can contribute to.

    House Cleaning Guides can be created for any room in your house, not just the bathroom. The goal is to simplify the cleaning process as much as possible.

    How to Use the Printable House Cleaning Guide

    To use the House Cleaning Guide, start with Zone 1 and follow the steps listed. Once all tasks in Zone 1 are completed, move on to Zone 2, and so on.

    For kids, you might want to begin by assigning them just one or two zones depending on their age. This way, they won’t feel overwhelmed, and they can feel proud of completing their tasks.

    Our free printable House Cleaning Guide is designed to be versatile, accommodating different usage preferences. After downloading and printing the guide, you have a couple of options for how you can use it:

    Option 1: Laminate as a Full Sheet

    One of the most popular ways to use the printable guide is to laminate it as a full sheet. Lamination protects the guide from water and wear, ensuring it lasts longer. Place it in a visible area, such as on a bathroom wall or inside a cabinet door. This way, you have a durable, easy-to-follow reference that anyone can use while cleaning. You can use a dry-erase marker to check off tasks as they are completed, and then erase the marks when you’re ready to start fresh.

    Option 2: Cut Out and Create a Portable Checklist

    If you prefer a more portable option, consider cutting out the task cards and placing them on a ring. You can also laminate this before cutting. This creates a handy checklist that you can carry around as you clean. This is particularly useful for kids, as they can take the ring with them and focus on one zone at a time. It also adds an interactive element, which can make cleaning more engaging for children.

    Hang the ring in a visible place, such as on a hook or a command strip.

    Regardless of which option you choose, the goal is to make the cleaning process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Whether you prefer a full sheet guide or a portable checklist, these House Cleaning Guides aim to simplify your cleaning routine and foster a cleaner, more organized living environment.

    We hope that this blog post and the free printable will assist you in bringing a new level of cleanliness and organization to your home. Happy cleaning!

    Download the Bathroom Cleaning Guide Printable Here

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  • How to Install Custom Fonts on your iPad

    If you’re like me, then you love to personalize everything with your own unique fonts. But did you know that you can also install custom fonts on your iPad? It’s true! And in this blog post, I’m going to show you how it’s done. So without further ado, let’s get started!

    Watch the Video:

    Step 1: Download iFont App

    Go here to install this app that will walk you through exactly how to get fonts quickly on your iPad or other device: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ifont-find-install-any-font/id1173222289

    Ifont is a free app that allows you to install custom fonts on your iPad or iPhone. After downloading the app, open it and find a font.

    Step 2: Find a Font

    When you want to use a custom font on your iPad, you first need to find a font you like. From here, you can browse through the many available fonts and select the one you want to install. There are many free fonts available online

    Step 3: Download the Font

    Once you’ve selected the font, tap on the “Install” button and the font will be downloaded on your iPad.

    Step 4: Install the Font

    To install the font you need to go into your settings. The iFont app walks you through exactly how to do it. Once you install the font it will be in your “profile downloaded” section in settings. Just open up settings and you will see it under your iCloud name. From there you will have to allow it to be installed onto your device.

    Step 5: Be sure to install the same fonts on all your devices

    If you’re using a custom font on your iPad, be sure to install the same font on all your devices. This is important because if you have different font files for your iPad, iPhone, and computer, iOS will not be able to use the custom font on all devices and the result will look like a mess!

    & That’s it!

    Now you can have cute and pretty fonts on your iPad when your digital planning to help make your planners even more unique!

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