Ring in the New Year with Your Free 2024-2025 Printable Planner Inserts!

Happy New Year, planning family! 🎆 As we welcome the start of a fresh new year, it’s time to get our planning game on point. And what better way to do that than with some gorgeous, free planner inserts?

Introducing the 2024-2025 Calendar Inserts

I’ve crafted these inserts with love and care to help you stay on top of your game throughout the next two years. With a clean, minimalistic design, they’re perfect for seeing your month at a glance without any distractions. And guess what? They come in both Sunday and Monday start options because I know we all think differently when it comes to the start of the week.

Here’s another option for your yearly calendar if you’d like a different style it just won’t include 2025: Free Printable 2023-2024 Colorful Pastel Clouds Annual Calendar Inserts  This whimsical design might just add that splash of color and joy to your planning routine!

And if you’re looking for guidance on making the most out of the upcoming year, don’t miss out on this insightful post: How to Plan Your Year for Success. It’s packed with tips and strategies to help you achieve your dreams and set you on a path of productivity and fulfillment.

Sizes for Every Planner

Whether you’re toting around an A5, keeping it compact with a Pocket size, or somewhere in between with a Personal or B6, I’ve got you covered. The sizes available are:

  • A5
  • A6
  • A6+
  • Personal
  • Personal Wide (PW)
  • Mini Happy Planner (MHP)
  • B6
  • Pocket
  • Pocket Plus

Get Your Free Inserts

Ready to snag these handy planner inserts? Here’s how you can grab them:

  1. Click on this Dropbox link.
  2. Choose the size that matches your planner from the neatly organized folders.
  3. Download the PDF files directly to your computer or device.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Your Free Planner Inserts

Getting your hands on these planner inserts is as easy as pie. You don’t need a Dropbox account, and there’s no need to join any folder. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the provided Dropbox link.
  2. Inside the Dropbox, you’ll see folders for each planner size and start day. Click on the folder for the size you need, and then choose either ‘Monday Start’ or ‘Sunday Start’ based on your preference.
  3. Once you’re in the right folder, hover over the file you want to download. A ‘Download’ button will appear on the right side of the file name. Click on this button.
  4. A pop-up might appear, asking you to sign in or create an account. No need for that – simply look for the ‘No thanks, continue to download’ link at the bottom of the pop-up if it appears.
  5. Click this link, and the file will start downloading to your computer.
  6. Once the download is complete, locate the file in your ‘Downloads’ folder or wherever you have set downloads to go on your computer.
  7. Open the file, and you’re all set to print and plan!

Video on How to Download & Print from Dropbox

Printing Guide

To ensure your inserts are just the right size:

  • Select ‘Actual Size’ or 100% on your printer settings before printing.
  • Opt for quality paper that will hold up to your daily planning use.

Personalize Your Planner

Once you’ve printed your inserts:

  • Trim them down if necessary (some planners might need a little tweak).
  • Punch holes according to your planner’s binding system.
  • Insert them into your planner and start mapping out your year!

And that’s it! You’re now ready to dive into planning a spectacular year with your new calendar inserts. Don’t forget to share your planner setups with us using #WendafulPlanning – I can’t wait to see the creative ways you all use these inserts!\

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Share Your Planner Setup

I would absolutely love to see how you integrate these inserts into your planning routine. Snap a picture of your setup and tag it with #WendafulPlanning on Instagram. Your creativity could inspire the community and showcase how to live a more organized and ‘wendaful’ life!

Let’s make this year our most organized yet. Cheers to a year of goals met and dreams realized! 🥂

Happy planning and here’s to a fabulous and ‘wendaful’ year ahead!

Stay organized,