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Can you believe it’s already November? It’s finally starting to finally feel like Fall here in California, so I wanted to decorate my planner with some Fall stickers!

The easiest way to get kiss-cut stickers for any season right away is to print & cut your stickers yourself at home! In this post, I will show you how to make these Fall Print & Cut Stickers for your planners.

How to Make Fall PRINT & CUT Stickers

Making your own stickers at home is easy to do. You can do it at home with your Silhouette machine and a printer.

The print & cut feature for Silhouette involves printing a project in your regular home printer then sending it to cut in your silhouette cutting machine. Before you print, you need to make sure there are registration marks that will print on your project first. Then you place that printed sheet on a cutting mat and send that to your machine so it knows exactly where to cut.

Once it is done cutting, you should have a whole sheet of ready to peel stickers to use in your planners right away.

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Open the Free Fall Stickers design in Silhouette Studio®

When you are download the the SVG file, be sure to click open with and select Silhouette Studio. Or you can open up Silhouette Studio and open the file directly by going to File>Open and finding where you downloaded the SVG file. Please note that you will need the Designer Edition to open a SVG file.

Go to “Page Setup” and make sure your workspace matches the size of paper you will be printing on (should be 8.5 by 11 inches) and the cutting mat you will be using (I am using a cameo mat).

STEP 2: Add registration marks

You will find it in the 3rd tab of the Page Setup panel. Click on the Type 1 Style and you can keep everything else as is. Once the registration marks are on, you should see a box and two L shaped marks in three corners of your project. Make sure that your design is not touching any of the grey cross-hatched areas to make it easier for your Silhouette Machine to read your registration marks.

STEP 3: Print your design

Now your design is ready to print! Make sure your sticker paper is loaded in your printer the correct way. For my printer and the white Sticker Paper, I had to put the yellow side up. If you don’t know which way your printer prints loaded paper I highly suggest testing it out first. I typically like to put a mark on the top of the paper I loaded and then print to see.

After loading your material in your printer, click the print icon to send it to your printer.

Step 4: Load it onto your cutting mat & load it into your machine

After printing, take your sticker sheet and place is on your cutting mat. Be sure it matches your workspace design just like in Step 1. Align the printed sheet of paper to the left side of the mat. Then load your mat into your Silhouette Machine. The mat needs to align with the blue line with the arrows. Place the edge of the mat along the blue line. Once aligned, press “Load” on your Silhouette.

Then go to the “Send” tab and click on the material you are using – Sticker paper White or Sticker Paper Clear. Adjust your blade so it matches, or skip if you are using an autoblade. Then hit Send to start cutting.

Step 5: Let the Silhouette start cutting

After hitting send, your Silhouette will scan the page for the printed registration marks. Then it will start cutting.

Step 6: check your stickers & peel the sheet off the mat

After it is done cutting, unload your mat. Check if it has cut correctly, it should be a kiss cut and peel up easily with the yellow sheet behind still. If all is good, then flip over your mat and peel the mat away from your sticker paper (this prevents your sticker paper from curling).

step 7: decorate your planner with your stickers!

Now use those stickers in your planner! These stickers were designed to be used in an Erin Condren Planner, but they can be used for almost any planner. I am using mine in a Simplified Daily Planner by Emily Ley.

This page was used with White Sticker Paper.
This page was used using Clear Sticker Paper. I love the transparent dots, I used them to highlight the times, but I can still see the time.
This page was used using Clear Sticker Paper. To write on these without smearing, I used the Avery Marks a Lot Fine Tip Point.

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble with the registration marks reading, you can try doing it manually before in the “send” tab. You simply use the arrows there to position the blade above the black square and select “register”. It’s also a good idea to have decent lighting around the machine to be able to read the registration marks. Place a lamp near your silhouette or place it near a window with lots of sunlight. Be sure your paper is aligned correctly as well & that nothing is blocking the registration marks.

If you are having trouble with your stickers cutting all the way or not cutting at all, be sure to do a “test cut” before cutting the entire project. Unload and peel to see if it cut correctly. If it cuts all the way through or doesn’t cut at all try adjust the blade depth or thickness until it’s just right. Be sure to also check your blade to make sure the screw cap is screwed all the way (on the ratchet blade), and if you’re using the autoblade, make sure it’s completely down in the carriage without a gap. Another solution may be to try switching out the blades if it is an old one.

If it’s cutting in the incorrect spot consistently, just try to close out of the program and start over. A good reboot most times does the trick for me.

I hope this little tutorial was helpful for you! Have you tried to make your own stickers with your Silhouette yet? Give it a try and let me know below!

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