How to Use the Cash Envelope Budget System for Holiday Gift-Giving (With Free Printables!)

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, it can be easy to get blinded by all the sales, deals and holiday promotions out there. Before you know it, you’ve way overspent your holiday budget for the season, with still a number of days left to go and gifts to shop for. So the question must be asked: how do you spread your holiday cheer and get gifts for your loved ones, without overspending?


The cash envelope budgeting system may be the answer you’re looking for. This budgeting system enables you to plan ahead and save money to give gifts to loved ones, while removing the temptation to overspend or be blinded by deals while gift shopping. 


Essentially, the cash envelope budgeting system is just what it sounds like: envelopes you fill with cash for a specific purpose, such as Christmas gifts, saving for a vacation or something else you’re planning ahead for


Using these printable cash budgeting envelopes, put a certain amount of money in to save it for that purpose. Once you’ve reached your goal, spend the money for that purpose—and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This budgeting system lets you plan ahead for certain instances, while still letting you save and spend money on what you want to without the more rigid constraints of a traditional budget.


Plus, you can then track your saving in a printable budget sheet that you can add as an additional planner insert. This lets you see how much you’ve saved, plus lets you plan ahead for the gifts you’ll give and how much they’ll cost. 


No matter how you choose to budget for the holiday season, remember that the reason for the season (especially this year!) isn’t showering those you love with gifts, material goods and clutter—it’s simply celebrating being together!