When I was using my pocket filofax planner, this was my absolute favorite insert! I am finally sharing it with you here on the blog! This free printable and digital week on a page with lists insert is very functional and is perfect for the planner who loves to see her important dates of the week at a glance and her to do list in a separate list.

How to Use This Planner:

This download comes with both printable and digital files so you can either print it out and put it into your physical planner or insert these directly into your digital planner.

For the digital planner, I simply add it to my iCloud drive files, and drag them onto my digital planner – covering up any old templates. I’ve included single pages as well spreads. Here is a video that explains how to insert other printables into your digital planner, but you can skip the “Take Screenshot” steps since I’ve already included images for this.

I have included the following printable sizes:

  • Letter
  • A5
  • A6
  • Personal Wide
  • Pocket

Weekly Section – The blank area is perfect for big events or appointments during your week. The list is great for scheduled tasks for that day. I kept it to only a few every day, because realistically we can only get so much done in a day. This way you can focus on your top 3 tasks for the day and not get overwhelmed with a million other to-do’s.

This Week’s Goals – This area is perfect for listing out your top 3 goals for the week. These are the tasks you want to complete before the week is over. Writing this down helps you to focus during your week. If you’re working on a task, be sure they relate to one of those three goals. Or if you have no idea what to work on, you can see what your goals for that week and find a task that relates to it.

Other To-Do’s – Life doesn’t stop, and things are constantly popping up. This section is great for all those incoming tasks that you didn’t plan for, or for tasks that isn’t a priority but that you’d like to finish this week as well.

Errands – I always like to run all of my errands at once during the week. That way when I’m out I can save time by doing it all at the same time. This is a great way to jot down what errands needs to be done that week and then you can choose a day to complete them all.

Meals – Meal planning is a great way to save you time and money. Plan out your meals here so you don’t have to worry what’s for dinner during the week.

Notes – I left this place open for anything you may want to add yourself. You can use it as a diary entry, add pictures of your week, a brainstorm area, write the things you are grateful for, or notes for the week or next week.


Download Your Files Here:


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