wo1p trackers

Hey everyone! I am back with brand new weekly planner inserts! These are perfect for my Kate Spade Agenda which is a personal size. I love being able to see all my appointments and events at glance on the right page and all of my to do’s, things I need to buy, contact, meal plans, and daily habits on the other side. I especially love the colors! I hope you all love them too! I just started using these this week and it has been so great! To print these lovely inserts out I have provided them to be able to print on precut paper or letter and even A4 sized paper!

Printing instructions for the precut paper can be found here.

Here is what these inserts look like on a letter sized paper. Crop marks and everything so you can easily print on your computer paper instantly and cut them out yourself!



Or print on pre-cut paper! My favorite and easiest way I think!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 2.39.05 PM

& here is what they look like in my planner! YAY!


Personal Size

for less trackers you can download this minimal one here in personal

A5 Size