What do you have to do in your day for you to feel productive?  At the end of the day, if you couldn’t get anything else done, what would make you feel good about your day? Before I talk about the tips for a perfectly planned day I wanted to share with you another list. Ever since we’ve been in quarantine I have been feeling quite anxious and pretty lazy. So I made a list of the things that makes me happy and feel good. If I only did these things I know my day was a success. Here is what my list looks like:

  • Workout
  • Drink Water
  • Clean up
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Get one big thing done
  • Quality time with kids
  • Time with Paul (my husband)

Make a list of the things that helps you feel good every day. Take time to make your list of the things you need to be done by the end of your day that would make you feel happy and content. I noticed that once these things were all checked off in my day I would be able to go to sleep better and was ready for the next day.

So now that you know what you should get done in a day, we need to plan out our day so we can make it happen.

Here are 7 Tips for a Perfectly Planned Day:

  1. Always have your planner on you.

    • If you don’t have your planner how else will you know what to do when? I love my digital planner because it’s always with me, on my macbook, iPad and my iPhone. Having your planner on you at all times will help you to refocus on what you planned for your day. You won’t get distracted on other tasks if you have your planner on you and follow that plan.
  2. Sync your planner to your phone.

    • If you are able to sync your plans to your phone do it! Set your appointments and reminders into your online calendar. I like to use Google Calendar because you are able to set up sub-calendars. Syncing your planner to your phone will allow you to be reminded with alerts throughout your day so you stay on track with your plans.
  3. Set aside at least 15 minutes a day to plan your day.

    • Plan to plan! Make time to plan out your day every day. Whether you like to plan your day the night before or the morning of, just set aside some time to do it. This will make a huge difference in your day. I noticed that when I plan the night before, I go to sleep easier and my brain subconsciously thinks about those plans so the next morning I would know exactly what to do when I get up.
  4. Don’t fill up every hour in your schedule. Leave room for the unexpected.

    • Life happens so don’t try to schedule every minute of your day. Leave room for the unexpected. Maybe a task will take you twice as long, or maybe a family member needs your attention. Whatever the reason, if you have buffer in your schedule you would be better equipped to plan around your day and move your scheduled blocks around easier.
  5. Migrate all your tasks until they are done.

    • If you don’t get a task done, be sure to move it to another day on when you can get it done. If you write your task down in your monthly calendar, write it in your weekly/daily planner as well. Don’t let it sit there unfinished. Either get it done or move it until it is done. Alternatively, if a task is no longer a priority just get rid of it.
  6. Whenever things pop up, write them down.

    • Always have a space to empty your brain. Write down everything. Use your planner as your inbox. Use a notes page to handle these incoming ideas, tasks, appointments, reminders, etc. Then take the time to process them when you have time. As long as you write things done, nothing will be forgotten. Our brains are not meant to hold a lot of information. If it’s something you need to remember you have to write it down.
  7. Decide when you will get your tasks done.

    • Don’t just make a list of tasks and call it a day. Instead take it one step further and plan when you will work on those tasks. Treat that task like an appointment. So if you need to clean the bathrooms today, plan it for a specific time in the day, say 10am. That way, once 10am rolls by you’ll check your planner and remind yourself that you need to get that done.
  8. Make time for personal, self-care and fun activities too.

    • A perfectly planned day isn’t perfect if you’re burnt out so make time for things that makes your soul happy too. Plan time to cuddle or relax with your family or friends. Make time for a relaxing bath or a foot soak. Make time for a movie night. If you don’t plan this out it may not happen and you will wonder why at the end of the day you feel so tired and miserable.
  9. Take a few minutes to pick up and tidy your physical environment.

    • Having a clean home will make you feel good. If your workspace is cleared it will make work easier too. Having a clean environment will help give your mind peace so you are free to think.

I am pretty confident that if you follow these 9 tips, you will be able to plan your perfectly planned day. If you liked these tips I encourage you to check out my Wonderful Plans Ebook & Workbook. It walks you through everything from setting goals, planning your life, streamlining systems in your life, and productivity and procrastination tips. Everything I’ve learned is jam packed into this ebook and took me years to put together. Don’t waste time trying to find all the productivity and planning tips and advice when you can get it all right here…