So I received my Plum Paper Planner about two weeks ago, and wanted to use it for a bit before reviewing it. I will be sharing what I love about this planner and what I think about it overall.

Truly Custom Planners

So when you go to their Etsy shop, you will see all kinds of planners: Family Planners, Student Planners, Wedding Planners, Notebooks, Regular Planners, Horizontal Planners and more! & from there you can customize it even more! You can choose the layout of your weekly pages. They have all kinds of options for the regular planner with the Morning, Afternoon,

& Evening section, timed sections, blank lines with a checklist and more! See the image below for those options.


Plum Paper offers a variety of covers! You can customize your name on it as well. The cover is a thick cardstock paper with a frosted clear cover over it. 

Family Planner

Now what really made me happy was their family planner! I absolutely love that I can write in my own sections for my weekly planner! If you’ve seen how i plan, I always separate my planning by category. I typically use a daily planner and separate it by Home, Kids, & Personal. But now that I have a blog to run, and an etsy shop, I totally needed more space & more categories. The Plum Paper Planner was perfect for that. Their family planner has 7 sections! I can plan according to each category!

The categories I chose were:

  • Home – for cleaning & organizing
  • Family – for things my husband has to do or things I want to do with my kids
  • Errands – for places to go, errands to run
  • Work – for my etsy shop, I put work instead of etsy in case my job changes in the future
  • Blog – for all things I need to do for my blog
  • Meals – to keep track of what we eat, or plan to eat
  • Memories – to write down little memories from our day to look back on and remember

It was hard to remember all of my sections when I folded over my planner. As you can see below, there are no labels on the second half of the week. I had to either plan with my planner all open or keep flipping it to remember. I am sure I will remember which section is which after planning it in more though! 

Add Ons

Another great feature of the Plum Paper Planners are their add on sections! I love that you can add so much to your planner for a very small price too! You can add to do lists throughout your planner for every month, perfect for big projects you’d like to accomplish for that month. I added a home section and a blog section! They are tabbed in the back of the planner! It is so perfect for when I need to reference any expenses or write down little memories from my day in. I love the blog section because I can now track how many views & followers I get every week, and keep track of so much more with maintaining a blog. You can learn more about their sections by clicking on the links below. Here is a list of all their add-ons:


Other Add-Ons:

  • To Do List Pages Dispersed
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Extra Checklist Pages
  • Checklist Pages Dispersed
  • Extra Notes Pages
  • Additional Months
  • Monthly Bill Tracker
  • Monthly cleaning Chart
  • Extra Contacts Pages
  • Extra Student Contacts Pages
  • Extra Direct Sales Party Planning Pages

Here are some images from their site of what’s in the home section!

I use my shopping list pages for keeping track of all my expenses for my business. I use another page for all of my planner related purchases as well.

Monthly View

I love the wide boxes of the monthly pages. They have a section on the side for birthdays, events and notes.  All the tabs are laminated as well!

 UPDATE: I just realized that after each month there is a repeated weekly page. I was confused at first when I turned to march, but then realized it’s probably this way since they offer different starting months. Twice the decorating if you ever mess up on the last or first week of the month! 

Pages & Decorating

The pages of this planner are sooooo smooth! They are thick and makes writing on them so luxurious. I literally couldn’t stop gliding my hand over the pages when I first got it. They make writing in your planner so easy. & no need to worry about bleeding through!

The colors of the planner are a bit darker than I’d like for some months. February is a maroon color, but March is a bright green. I just like bright and fun colors, but that’s just my opinion. There is little space for washi tape, so I bought a bunch of skinny washi to make do! The grey lines also makes it harder to decorate. I wish there was an option for no lines, because sometimes I like to write big and with the lines there it makes it hard to do that. But nothing that stickers can’t fix! I bought some rounded box stickers from NicoleHutchDesigns on etsy that fit this planner perfectly!

In the back of the planner there are some glossy rectangular stickers that fit your planner boxes perfectly. They were a bit hard to write on with a gel pen, but I just used a sharpie instead.


In the back there are only a few notes pages, but you really don’t need a lot since they have so many add on options anyways! I personally never use my notes pages as I like pre-printed forms and such !

They also include a contacts page, all the holidays, special dates page by month for birthdays and anniversaries, a yearly calendar & a sturdy keep it together double sided pocket folder.

So that is the Plum Paper Planner! After add-ons and such it can cost about $50. It is such a useful and well planned planner. I love how I can use every part of this planner and not just for weekly planning. I have utilized the shopping lists, cleaning lists, to do lists for projects, and so much in this planner already! I really love how customized it can be and it really is perfect! It has made planning my days so much more productive and keeping track of my work and blog has never been easier. i love that it is all one place! 

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