Ever wonder how some people get their Washi perfectly lined up in a square or just cut so straight and not hanging out of the box or anything? I used to wonder too. Someone on the Facebook group-we love ec – asked this same question. And that’s where I learned this clever trick!

All you will need is your Washi tape and your EC ruler! Or any plastic ruler or laminated edge. 
No scissors needed! Every time I use a scissor my tape ends up cutting diagonally!
Step 1: line up your Washi where you would like it
Step 2: place your ruler’s edge to the line where you’d like to cut the Washi 

Step 3: hold your Washi close to the edge and pull upwards to rip it against the edge

Step 4: admire your perfectly straight cuts!

Hope that helps you out in decorating your pages quickly and easily!! 
Happy planning!