This week I went with a colorful theme for summer. I am also trying to color code using my multi-pen from hello kitty. I found it too hard to try and color code with pens that weren’t all in one. These pens are just ballpoint but won’t bleed through as much if I drawer thicker and darker (the way the staedtler pens do). I use my ECLP my home planner and love decorating it the most!

Weekly Spread

Color Coding & PL Card Insert
If you look below, you will see that I wrote my color coding on a large project life card. I punched holes in it to fit towards the bottom of my planner and I took scissors to slit the holes a little so I can easily move it from week to week until I am used to the color code. It works wonderfully. 

My Sections

Household/to-do’s: everything I need to clean/things I need to get done around the house
Kids’ Activities: activities I plan for the day for my toddler and baby
Events/activities/holidays: anything we have planned as a family, holidays etc
Appointments: doctors, dentists, work related etc. 
Personal projects: everything I do for myself; things I want to do for my blog or planner; organizing or crafting projects or DIY’s I’d like to do. 
Meals: food we eat daily; grocery shopping lists

Weekly Square Repurposed 
What I also love about this week is how I used one of my weekly square stickers and cut it up into 4 strips to make it look like a cute design at the bottom of my squares kind of like washi tape, but any design I want!