I have been on a mission to save some money, and what better way than to put it in my planner! At first I was going to have a planner strictly for budgeting, but I really do not want to handle that many planners. And it was pretty bare. So I am going to put these printables to good use inside a section of my pocket filofax, since I take it with me everywhere anyways.

So as always, I have made these printables in ALL sizes, each link to download includes the following files:

– Monthly Budget

– Bill Pay Checklist

– Savings Plan

– Debt Payment Plan

For the monthly budget, it was a generalized version, but I will also give you the word file so you can edit it accordingly to your needs. 

– To print these out, be sure it is at 100%!
– You can either print on a full letter size paper then cut them out accordingly (I find it easier this way to print double sided, and my printer doesn’t jam as much, although it does waste a lot of paper!)

– Or you can cut your paper first then print on the cut paper, but be sure to edit your paper size in your printer settings first.

Downloads (includes 4 files each):
– Pocket Size
– Personal Size
– A5 Size
– EC/Kikki-K Size
-Editable Monthly Budget File

I hope you enjoy these printables! Be sure to tag me or mention my blog when you use them!

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks.