5 Easy Ways to Declutter Now

5 Easy Ways To Start Decluttering Now!

I don’t know about you, but for me when my space is cluttered, my mind is cluttered. I needed to start decluttering now. I can’t work in a home that is messy, but I hated spending most of my days every day cleaning up. I wanted to start decluttering to live a life that was more meaningful. I wanted to stop spending so much money and start saving more for the things that made me happy. I wanted to spend my time with my family and friends and not out shopping. I wanted to declutter my life to keep only the things I used and loved. There are many reasons to start decluttering.

But where do you start? Just looking at your stuff makes you overwhelmed and turn the other way. It seems impossible like it will take forever to be where you want to be. So how do you start?

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Here are my 5 easy ways to start decluttering now!

1. Get some motivation. Watching other people organize and declutter always pumps me up. Check out YouTube for organizational and decluttering videos. My favorite decluttering/cleaning youtube videos are from VasseurBeauty. Her videos are quick and to the point, and are made very well! She has a cleaning/organization playlist here. & a minimalism playlist here. When you see other people organizing it should pump you up and inspire you to start. When you feel motivated, get up and start decluttering the area that’s bothering you most.

2. Break it Down. Clean out one drawer. It’s a whole lot easier to declutter when I start with a drawer in my office than to do whole my office. By breaking down your decluttering process it will make it feel more manageable. When you start with a small project like a drawer, it makes us feel less overwhelmed and easier to start. By simplifying that one drawer, you now have more motivation to declutter more of your home.

I loved this categorized Kon Mari list I found from @journalishome. It helps you to declutter little sections of your home at a time. You can also find many other kinds of checklists on pinterest! I copied this list into my traveler’s notebook and it’s been perfect for keeping track of my decluttering process!

3. Grab a trash bag, go through a room and throw any trash away. It’s trash if it’s broken, ripped, missing a piece, no longer working etc., just toss it now! It will probably take you less than 5 minutes, but if you want to go for longer then keep going!

4. Set up a giveaway station. Have two boxes out for things you want to donate and things that you’d like to sell. Whenever you come across any items in your home, start putting things in those boxes.

Donating is quick and easy, but if you would like to make some money you can also sell the items you no longer need. For donations, you can drop them off at any donation center, or even schedule a pickup! To sell your things, you can have a garage sale, or post them online to Facebook’s Marketplace or Craigslist.

I find that it is easier to part with your belongings when you can give it to a friend of family member or make some money off of it.

5. Question every item. When decluttering or when you thinking of buying a new item ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this useful to me or my family?
  • Do I already have an item like this?
  • There is no need for duplicates. I don’t know why but we used to have about 3 crockpots!
  • Is this item cheap and replaceable?
  • If it’s under $20 you can probably replace it. I used to always keep things just in case, but most times if it was cheap enough I would go out to buy it.
  • Have we used it in the last 6 months?
  • If I had the chance to buy this same exact again, would I?
    • If no, then I can easily toss it out.
    • If yes, then it’s truly something I love and should keep.

I hope these quick 5 tips help you to start your decluttering journey! After decluttering you will start to feel lighter and start living a life with more purpose.