Need images to get started on making your EC Squares, check out my previous blog post on it here!

Update: so today, July 27th, I was playing around with Microsoft word and opened a new “word publisher” document, and when I pasted tons of pictures (they were huge by the way), I was able to select all on there, but not in a regular word document. So there I selected it all, and changed all the sizes to 1.5″ width  and 1.9″ height. And it worked! It took really long and was super duper slowing down my computer and froze for a while though. But that’s another way of doing it!

So after googling several ways on how I can adjust multiple images at once and not finding anything at all about that; I instead found this where you can make tables and paste pictures into it to make it a certain size.It beats adjusting each picture one by one and typing 1.9 x 1.5 for every single picture!

Read on to see how I did it, or just skip steps 1-6 and start at Step 7 and download the file link below to start pasting your images and making your weekly squares for your ECLP!

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Word and set your margins to .5″

adjust your margins to “narrow” 0.5″ to make the most use out of your sticker paper

Step 2:

Go to Tables and create a New Table that is 5×8

Go to tables and insert a new table
Make your table 5 columns by 8 rows (or more)


This is what the table will look like

Step 3:

Right click the table> table properties>options>adjust the borders all to 0″and also uncheck the box that says “automatically resize to fit contents”. Then press OK. (don’t worry steps 3-6 you will not have to repeat)


right click >table properties
click on options and adjust all margins to 0″ and uncheck “automatically resize to fit contents”


Step 4:

In the table properties box, click on Row, check specify height and change it to 1.9″ exactly

Row: height 1.9″


Step 5:

Then click on column, and check preferred width and change that to 1.5″

Column: width 1.5″

Step 6:

Then click on cell and change the preferred width to 1.5″ as well

Cell: 1.5″

Step 7:

Finally copy your image, this image I am using is from,  then go to edit>paste special (i recommend finding the shortcut for paste special, on my mac it’s control, command and V on the keyboard)

copy your image from pinterest or..


find images from google images and right click and copy
edit>paste special or use keyboard shortcut as shown (control+command+V) This is on a Mac

Step 8:

Paste it as a Picture then press OK

Click on Picture

Step 9:

The picture will fit into the box just click on it and drag it to resize to fit the box perfectly

before dragging to resize it
resized to fit box


Step 10: go to file>reduce file size to make the file smaller
Step 11: save as PDF or word, whichever you prefer!

Step 12: print on sticker paper! Or print on regular paper, cut it
all up, and use your sticker maker or adhesive of your choice to stick these
beauties in your planner!

Or if you would like to just skip Steps 1-6 and just go straight to
pasting your found images, then download this word file that I made that
has the tables already set! Click Here to Download


Please refer to the previous post for more on finding images and such. YHou can also find great images from when there, if you click the arrow for next you can find more cute printables from her!  Thank you for reading!