• DIY Mario & Luigi Costumes

    Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own fast and easy Mario and Luigi costumes! This is perfect for couples or a group costume for Halloween! So here I am with my hat and mustache as Luigi! You will need yellow felt for buttons, a red tee shirt for Mario and a […]

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  • How to Deep Clean and Store your Makeup Brushes

    My cleaned brushes laying out to dry I designed my brush holders using stickers from Michael’s I got the jars from Michael’s, and I store them using beads like Sephora Yay! I finally got around to cleaning my brushes. I typically deep clean my brushes every three to four weeks. I lightly clean them every […]

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  • My First Blog Post

    Hi all! I wanted to start a blog since I will be having so much free time during the summer! I used to blog all the time on xanga and myspace but this is a first for me. I cannot wait to get started on this blogger. I hope I know what I am doing…haha […]

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