Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own fast and easy Mario and Luigi costumes! This is perfect for couples or a group costume for Halloween!

So here I am with my hat and mustache as Luigi!

You will need yellow felt for buttons, a red tee shirt for Mario and a green tee shirt for Luigi

Some blue ribbon for your “suspenders”

White Felt Circle & Red Felt for M (Mario) if you don’t have a plain red hat

Here I cut out the “L” for Luigi since I have a plain green hat

My green hat from the thrift store (was originally a st. patrick’s day beret, but I just cut off the thread that was connecting the top to the visor)

Here I just taped the “L” to my green hat

For the suspenders, just bring the ribbon from one side and bring it around your neck to the other side (saves more ribbon and is easier to attach to your pants)

Some jeans or shorts (Blue pants or blue shorts would be more ideal but this way still looks cool!)
Some yellow circles cut out of felt for your “buttons”

Safety pins

to attach to the front of your pants or shorts
Black Felt and Mario and Luigi Mustache Templates

glue dots to attach your mustache (or tape)

The completed Luigi costume

The completed Mario costume

Me as Luigi

Paul as Mario
& here is a video of this tutorial if videos are easier for you…