I am so excited to have finally gotten my brand new iMac, it was time for an upgrade and I’m so glad I waited this long because these new colors are just so gorgeous! I knew I had to get my hands on one!

The Design

The new iMacs are all 24 inches and comes in 8 different colors. The screen itself is only 11.5mm and weighs under 10lbs!

Everything from the cables, to the keyboard and mouse are all color coordinated. The display is so bright and clear too.

The Power

My last computer was a refurbished 2015 Macbook Pro, and I’ve upgraded parts in it but it just couldn’t keep up with all the programs. It would often overheat and crash. It was a pain to edit videos or design digital planners in. I can already see my productivity levels boosting with this new iMac.

After the initial setup, booting it up was super fast as well! Typically I would have to wait for everything to load before I can use the computer with my Macbook, but with this iMac it was ready in a minute or two!

As a graphic designer and YouTuber, I rely heavily on a fast computer that can handle Final Cut Pro and Adobe Indesign, along with many other high power programs!

To edit this video I used this new computer and I was so amazed with how it handled multiple audio and video files that were also very long! I didn’t have any lag time and it exported amazingly fast, even in 1080p!

The Camera, Mic & Speakers

The webcam is 1080p as well and you can see towards the end of the video the quality of it. This will be so great for those zoom calls and for my on screen videos. I also thought the microphone on the computer was great too.

The speakers on this computer is greater than any computer I’ve heard. It has a 6 speaker sound system. It’s super loud so it would be great if you plan to watch movies on this.

About the M1 Chip:

I’m not a super techy person so all I can say is that the new M1 Chip is quiet and fast! But here is more info about the new chip that explains so much more…

What color did you or will you be getting, if you plan on getting one this year?



0:00 -Unboxing the new 2021 iMac in Purple!
01:17 -Opening the box
02:40 -Unboxing the accessories
05:04 – Unwrapping the accessories
07:15 – Revealing the iMac Computer!
09:25 – Plugs & Ports
10:53 – Turning it on & Setting it up
11:52 – My specific iMac Specs and Pricing
12:33 – iMac Webcam and Microphone
13:00 – Using heavy programs with the iMac


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