Are you a Type A planner who loves making lists and staying organized? After seeing my four notebooks and three binders (not including my filing binders), I think I can categorize myself as one. This post will be about my notebooks & binder organization system. I will walk you through what each is used for and how I use it.

Multiple notebooks & Binders ≠ Multiple Planners

I’ve always loved using multiple notebooks and planners. However, when I separated my calendar events and schedules into different planners it made it quite hard to stay on track and see how much time I actually had. I would schedule my personal events on one and my blog posts and content planning on another and then realize that I was trying to write 3 blog posts during my vacation! That’s when I realized I need to stick to just one calendar planner.

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Notebooks and Binders System

Store, Reference, & Retrieve Information in your Notebooks & Binders

This video and post is not about multiple planners, but about the systems I use to store, reference, and retrieve important information in a way that is clear and easy for me. I am an extremely visual person so having big labels and headers for my notebooks is essential for me. This way I can pick up that notebook and know exactly what it is for.

I used to keep one notebook for everything, I had it sectioned off with dividers and everything. It seemed very organized and I loved having just one notebook to refer to for everything. Until it started to get unorganized really fast! I would have sections that would fill up way faster than other sections. I’d have to continue into another notebook and that’s when it got even more confusing.

Different notebooks & binders, different purpose

So now I just split up my different notebooks into different categories. It helps me focus. In the video I show you what each notebook’s purpose is for. I know this may not be applicable to everyone (as I have multiple side projects and a blog), but I do hope that by sharing with you my notebooks and binders system, that it will somehow spark some ideas for you to create your own system.

UPDATE: I no longer use the multiple notebooks since I am a digital planner now, but I still use my binders religiously! They have kept all of our important paperwork so organized!

My Notebook and Binder Organization System

Binders I use:

  • Home Management Binder
  • Records and Documents
  • Warranties and Receipts

Other binders I use that were not mentioned in the video simply because they contain too much personal info:

  • Finance and Taxes Paperwork
  • Career Paperwork
  • Medical Paperwork
  • Home & Auto Paperwork

These paperwork binders include things I get in the mail or in person, such as registration paperwork, health summaries from doctor visits, our car’s mechanical work, tax forms and pay stubs, report cards, transcripts, resumes, and more! 

Your way is the right way

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to use a notebook or keep a planning system. Whatever works for you, works for you. So continue doing what works for you, and if you haven’t found what works for you then hopefully this video helps you find that!

Watch the video for the walkthrough of the notebooks & binders

Download the Binder Covers I used in my Binders Here:

Black & White Pattern

Gold and Marble Pattern


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