If you’re a visual person like me then having a wall calendar is a must! However, after searching on Amazon for a cute one I can hang in my office, and in the format, I’d like, it was nearly impossible to find. I wanted a rolling calendar and it had to be vertical to fit on my closet door. So I designed my own, with pretty fonts, and pretty colors!

At first, I was going to print it as a big poster but it came out over $80! Then I saw the option to print blueprints for extremely CHEAP! They have the option to print in color or black and white. The color, of course, was a bit more, but it still was really affordable! So in this post, I’m going to share with you a vertical and horizontal 2019 wall calendar sized at 24 x36 inches, and how you can make your own large 2019 wall calendar for just around $5! 

How To Make Your Own $5 Wall Calendar

If you want to learn how you can make your own girly wall calendar like below then keep reading!

  • First download your Free 2019 Wall Calendars here:

Updated this post to add the black and white version of the vertical list formats:

  • Then head over to Staples.com and find Blueprints or just click here: https://www.staples.com/sbd/content/copyandprint/engineering-prints.html
  • Click the 24×36 inch option and click design now
  • Choose the option of either printing in color or black and white, then click “Buy Now”
  • Then click on “add files” and upload either the horizontal or vertical file and click “upload”
  • Under print options – click on Media and choose the middle option – 24×36 inches
    • You can leave the check the box for “Fit content to paper – scale content up or down (use when file and page are different sizes)” – if you check the box, it actually turns out bigger than 24×36, but when I left it unchecked it was exactly 24×36.
  • For Orientation:
    • Horizontal Calendar would be Landscape
    • and Vertical Calendar would be Portrait
  • Optional:  Get it laminated!
    • For just around $8 more you can get it laminated so you can write on it with wet/dry erase markers. 
    • Just be sure to ask them to laminate it in the special instructions area. I would call first to see if your store offers that. 
    • With lamination one of my color calendars came out to $12 only! 
  • & then save it and add it to your cart!
    • Color version only comes out to $5.89
    • Black and white version costs only $3.59
  • Choose to either pick up in a store near you or ship it home for an added fee

Set it Up

Now you can either leave it as is and start color coding and writing directly on it, or you can laminate it (I believe Staples does it for $2 per square foot) so you can use it as a dry-erase board. I am actually using this awesome wooden frame which looks amazing for our living room area! I plan on getting the dated version printed without lamination so I can use my highlighters on it instead. I think the undated version would be good to get laminated so you can reuse it each year.

Pictured above is the undated vertical list annual calendar
Wooden frame from Amazon (affiliate link)

You can also get a cheaper frame for it, I got one for $10 at Target. It was cheap and was a bit hard trying to slide in the frames though.

I am using the horizontal calendar outside as a family calendar  so the family can see what’s going on. Here’s a list of things I’ll be putting on it

  • Birthdays
  • Events
  • Appointments
  • Vacations/Trips
  • Holidays
  • and such
Vertical Business Calendar in office

And I’m using the vertical calendar in my office on my closet door right by my desk as a whole annual overview of my business:

  • Projects
  • Goals
  • Deadlines
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • I also put personal things on here to so I can be sure not to schedule a big project during a vacation 

Use It To Get Organized

Now that it’s all set it up, be sure to use it! I like to mark off the days as they go by so I can see how muhc time has passed and it makes me feel more pressure to get things done before the year is over. 

I also like to color code my calendar so I can see everything at a glance, I provided a few boxes and lines underneath so you can create your own key.

I love a good wall calendar to see at a glance my work and personal commitments and it’s a great way to visually balance my life. 

I hope this wall calendar system will help you to be more productive and help you to get things done! 

If you don’t want to to print it as an engineer print you can still use these calendars and print it on a regular letter sized paper to use! Just scale it down. Refer to this post to learn more about resizing. I actually printed mine out on letter sized paper and folded it in half to fit in my arc binder. It’s great as an annual list calendar for your planner! 

Download The 2019 Wall Calendars Below:

Updated to add these vertical list calendar as well:

Let me know if you’ve ever printed anything as a blueprint/engineer print, I can’t wait to try it out on some pictures or art for the house! And if you’ve printed the wall calendar for your home or office be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see!