I am going to show you 10 different ways to organize your planner stickers. I have tried each method and I will share with you my pros and cons of each method. I will also try my best to include links to where you can buy everything.


Whether you have a large or small collection of stickers, you will need somewhere to store it where you can easily access your stickers. Often times when I am planning I only use the stickers that are in my planner because I forget that I have all these other stickers in my drawers. They were buried deep and unorganized in an abyss of stickers, and that made it hard to use! Over the years I have tested several methods for storing my stickers. Some were very organized but not functional, others were cute but not organized, and then I found what I think is sticker organization peace! I will share with you these 10 ways that I have learned starting with the ones I like best! & don’t forget to download the free sticker organization labels when you’re done reading!


10 Ways to Organize your Planner Stickers

1. Accordion Files in a Box – This is my current sticker organization system. It is my favorite system mainly because everything is contained in a pretty box! I can leave it open so it is never “out of sight, out of mind”, and it is very easy to take stickers in and out of! It has been a few days only but I’ve used much more stickers out of this system than any other method I’ve had before. It is extremely easy and functional, it costs under $10, and setup time is basically nothing! I bought my gold rose box from Joann’s for about $6. The two accordion file folders were from Target’s dollar spot. They contain 13 pockets each. I love how flexible and easy it is to go through the pockets, and I love that it can flatten out or expand as wide or as narrow as you need! I also like that the pockets are clear so I can see what is inside! I then printed and cut my own labels which you can download below. The only complaint I have with this method is that It takes up a lot of space on my desktop, but at least it’s a pretty box and I will get more use out of my stickers! The box also fits my mini binders!

sticker organizationsticker organization
IMG_9251_resultsticker organization

2. Stand Up Receipt Organizer – I currently use this system as well. I was actually browsing the container store for receipt organizers to keep track of all of my business expenses and I came across these! They are perfect for storing stickers because of the size and I love that they stand up on their own! Most expanding/accordion file folders don’t stand, so these are great because that means I can stand them up in my drawers! I am using 3 of them right now to organize my shop’s inventory. They are wide enough to fit my half sheet size stickers and short enough to fit in my larger Ikea Alex Drawers! I just cut the top off for a more seamless organizer. I bought this rainbow one from Amazon , but I just recently bought the black and clear ones from The Container Store so I can easily see behind each pocket. These run for only about $6!

sticker organization sticker organizationsticker organization

the container store

3. Mini Sticker Binder w/ Clear Binder Pockets – This is my GO-TO sticker organization method! My Favorite!  Update: so I’ve just set up this system and love how easy it is to take things in and out!! And they fit all of my etsy shop’s stickers! Each shop gets their own folder! This has been my favorite method for storing my planner stickers! I love how easy it is and it’s cute! I never have to worry about putting things back one by one because I just grab a bunch from each shop and sift through them as I am planning. I  bought these Avery mini binder pockets because on Amazon they are only $1.99 as an add-on item for a pack of 5! I bought 3 packs and they fit my small and large sticker sheets perfectly. They are only one-sided though and do not have tabs. I ended up buying the Avery Mini Dividers  (also only $1.99!) to separate each shop’s stickers. I have made 3 different binders one for etsy shops, one for my own shop (separated into categories), and one for store bought planner stickers. I just used my label maker to label the spine of the binders and place these on my raskog cart! 

sticker mini binder

sticker mini binder

4. Mini Sticker Binder w/ Cardstock – This method was learned from browsing YouTube. It took a lot more time to set up but it was a good solution for storing stickers. I currently use this for Etsy stickers. It is so nice to be able to see all of my stickers just by flipping through a mini binder. Target’s bullseye playground usually has mini binders for cheap! They are only abot $3 there. It is very portable and will look pretty on your shelf. To make your own sticker binder, just simply cut colorful cardstock paper in half, hole punch, then use removable tape/glue or washi tape to adhere your sticker sheets to the cardstock. I also added mini binder dividers to separate the categories.

sticker mini binder sticker mini binder

5. Mini Sticker Binder w/ Large Coupon Holders or Sheet Protectors – A few years ago I had coupon fever. I bought these two top loading pockets coupon organizers from eBay and recently discovered that they fit my small stickers perfectly! I really like these Martha Stewart ones much better! You can also use sheet protectors and place them in your mini binders. You will also need dividers to separate categories. I like this method since it is clear and it would be easy to organize your stickers. You wouldn’t be able to see every single sticker sheet (unless you have small collection & put two sheets in each pocket) with this method but it would be easy to grab in and out. & with mini binders you can store them on your shelf.

sticker mini binder

6. Small Photo Albums – This is a very popular method for storing small sticker sheets. I loved it because it was super cheap, you can find them for $1 at the dollar tree! & they are customizable, you can simply take pretty scrapbook paper and replace the covers, or print out your own. They are small, thin and so easy to see ALL of my stickers! But I didn’t like that it didn’t fit a lot of my larger sticker sheets! I then discovered that Amazon sold 5×7 versions of these for about $6. (The yellow and the black and white ones are 5×7, the glitter pink one is a regular 4×6 album) That was nice to be able to store larger stickers. But as I started organizing more and more of my stickers, I realized I needed about 10 of these little albums! So if you have a small collection or only use it for storing Etsy stickers this would be an ideal solution.

sticker storage sticker storage

7. Expanding File Folders – This is another popular method! And a very cheap one as well! Target’s bullseye playground usually has these 7 and 13 pocket expanding file folders for only $1! I love this method because it is very easy to organize and easy to grab your stickers. The only thing with this method is when you close it. That’s why I love my 1st method. If you have a collection larger than normal, then this method is not for you! It will bulge and explode! You will probably end up with 5 of them and that can get very messy for storing in your drawers or on your shelf.

sticker storage sticker storage sticker storage

8. Photo Storage Boxes – This was  a very short lived storage solution for my stickers. When I first tried it out I thought this is awesome, but then I realized it was sooooo much work. Having to open and close each case just to grab a sticker sheet every time… It would take me forever to grab stickers I needed from each category. It is also only for 4×6 photos so I had to trim down a lot of my larger sticker sheets! If you want to try this method out though all you would need is photo storage boxes from Michael’s or any other crafts store, and a label maker. This set from amazon was similar to the one I bought. 

sticker storage sticker storage

9. Apothecary Jar – This is pretty way to organize your stickers. It isn’t really organized at all though. You just dump a bunch of stickers into this jar & put it on your desk! I usually place my most used stickers into this large jar and leave it on my desk to easily grab a sheet. It’s pretty and I like it! This jar was from Hobby Lobby and costs about $25 with a coupon! You can find candy jars like these online as well, just be sure they are large enough! Bonus – I also use them to store my favorite washi tapes!

sticker storage sticker storage

10. Large Sticker Binder w/ Sheet Protectors – Finally, my last and final method for storing stickers was a large sticker binder with sheet protectors. This was great for storing my larger scrapbook stickers and I loved how organized it all was. But…it was super expensive (I bought everything from Office Depot)! But you can get these from amazon for way less!  I bought these extended sheet protectors with tabs so I can easily see my categories. If you don’t have these, your sheet protectors will cover your other dividers. I also bought extra sheet protectors to put behind each tab. I liked this method but it was just so LARGE. I could never imagine carrying it and using it. And when I placed my smaller stickers in there it would be so hard to take out. Digging in these sheet protectors made me want to stop using this method.

sticker bindersticker binder
sticker binder
sticker binder

There was also one more method I wanted to try but have yet to discover, so this will not be one of my 10 ways, but maybe you can help. I have been trying to find a small stadium file holder. You know the ones that are stacked? Similar to this stadium file here, but just smaller. I only have seen letter sized ones. I have this large one and its great for my printed sticker sheets for shop, but how awesome would it be for smaller stickers! If you ever find a receipt sized stadium file holder please let me know!

Update: I forgot to mention this other method I used previously. It was an index card holder or recipe holder. I liked how organized it was but it was limited. Unlike the expandable folders. Squeeze them all together. I ended up needing 3 of these boxes for my inventory, and the worst part they didn’t fit in my drawers! They also were too small to hold bigger sticker sheets. It was great for my little stickers for a while though!

Free Download

Free Downloadable Sticker Labels

So there you have it! 10 different ways to organize your planner stickers! Some were easy, some hard, some cheap, some expensive; now everyone is different so try one, or all of these methods out and see which ones worked best for you! & to get you started on your sticker organization adventure don’t forget to download this!


I have included labels for the accordion folders, but with these labels you can also use them as dividers in your sticker binders. You definitely don’t have to use all these categories just what you think you will need! Download these free planner sticker organization labels below!

Sticker Organization Labels PDF

Sticker Organization Labels Studio File

Let me know if you know of any other functional way to store your planner stickers!

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