• Erin Condren to-do Squares with check off boxes

    So my hubby just finished school, so I’ve had much more time to do my own projects. I have made these little squares to fit perfectly inside of our Erin Condren weekly boxes. They measure 1.5 x 1.9 and are great for making lists more neat or covering up mistakes. You can print them out, cut them out, and use your sticker machine or glue stick to put them in your planner. Or print them directly onto sticker paper and cut them out. I hope you guys enjoy these!

    There are a variety that I’ve made. Download links are below each picture!  

    Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

    clean it up to squares with 8 check boxes in a few colors
    For those who need their coffee first thing!
    Check box flags with 4 check boxes in a variety of colors
    This is just a plain to do list with 6 check boxes and lines

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  • Daily workout routine stickers to fit erin condren squares

    Time for a new workout routine. I found this on Pinterest by back on pointe. I typed it all out and made it to fit inside one of the Erin Condren planner squares. I also left some room on top in case I needed to write other to dos. It’s a little small but I can still read it. Print on full sheet sticker paper or use sticker maker, or even glue stick!

    Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

    download here

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  • Filofax Wish List Printable

    My wish list is always changing and I would buy some things so Id have to cross it off
    (ugh) I hated it, so I made this more organized one. It has the date, product, price, and if you bought it or not check off column.  I made it in 4 different sizes since I have an A5 and soon, pocket! Enjoy!

    Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

    Personal Size
    Pocket Size
    A5 Size

    print in actual size

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  • How I Organize My Stickers

    My sticker collection have slowly grown in the past month. I can’t believe I have only begun this planner and stationary madness a month ago. I feel like I’ve been doing it all my life. Anyways I’ve gotten quite a few stickers now and I needed a way to store them. I tried the binder method (I used a mini binder) but it was so bulky and hard and didn’t seem like it could hold a lot. That lasted only for so long. This is my binder with only half of my stickers inside. 

    I didn’t like this method. It was bulky and didn’t fit some of the bigger sticker sheets which I had to cut up just to try to fit them in perfectly. 
    I asked the Facebook group how they stored theirs. And the majority of them used expanding accordion folders. I found a small one from the target section but I needed a full size one as well. The full size one at the dollar section had only 5 sections though. So I instead spent $5.99 on this cuter and more sturdier folder. 

    The big folder is used for all stickers for decorations and such. 

    The little folder is for my planner stickers such as the little weekly square stickers for my Erin concern life planner, journaling cards, dot stickers, hole reinforcements, other little embellishments, ribbons and gift tags for my penpaling. 

    I haven’t labeled them yet as I’m still seeing what sections will and will not work for me. 

    So yeah I love this new system it’s a lot easier to carry around and cuter too. 
    I also saw this portable accordion file for $10 at target but there was only black and I wanted something cute. I kind of wish I have gotten this instead though it would’ve been a lot easier to carry around. Here’s one that looked similar to what I saw at target:

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  • Free Printable Journaling Cards

    So I was on Pinterest and found tons of awesome, beautiful journaling cards! Best of all they were all FREE! That’s why I had to buy my corner cutter! I have lots of card stock now I just need to stock up on some ink!

    Follow my planners&stationary board on Pinterest! 

    There are literally pages and pages and pages of these!
    Head over to Pinterest and search “free printable journaling” cards and you will find tons of project life type cards to download and print! 

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  • Erin Condren Planners for Only $10!

    The price of Erin Condren’s planner has dropped to $20. Regularly $50. It only includes May through December. But that’s a great price for this planner. Especially if you’d like to just try it out! 

    On top of this amazing price, you can also sign up through this link to get an additional $10 off!! $10 for this awesome planner!! 
    Or you can comment below with your email and I can personally email it to you. You will receive this email:
    Just click the link sign up and they’ll send you anther email with the $10 off code! 

    So easy! Get your Erin Condren planner now!!!

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