Hey everyone! So the other day, my fiancé and I were bored and decided to make a Christmas photoshoot for our son. We had our camera but needed somewhere nice to shoot and we of course needed props. The lighting in our house was pretty bad as well. So here is what we gathered to make our pictures looks professional:

– Camera (of course)
– Bright light – lamp from target
– Reflector – mirror from target

Environment & Props:
For the Xmas shoot:
– fireplace
– white Xmas teddy bear
For the library shoot:
– books in bookshelves
– books stacked
– metal tin bucket
For the outdoor drummer shoot:
– grassy outdoors (best if just before sunset)
– drum piece
– drum sticks

Darling baby
Cute simple outfit
Pierce is wearing:
– H&M jeans with suspenders
– white onesie
– old navy tan moccasins

So for the first two shoots that were indoors we used the lamp and mirror. All we did was plug in the lamp and shined it onto the mirror and placed it facing the baby wherever we got the best light. You will have to test and keep moving around until you like it. After that you just take a million pictures and try to make your baby look at you by making loud funny noises!

For the outdoor shoot, we just placed him at an ideal spot on the grass and took pictures of him at his level.

After taking pictures get on your computer and go on photoshop! Adjust the lighting add more contrast if needed sharpen up etc. or you can download some actions that do this for you already and just use actions to so all the work for you. Adjust to your liking. For most of my pictures i used the vintage action and tweaked it by deleting several layers until it was perfect. Here I show you how I edited my pictures several different ways using actions that I downloaded from …

And that’s basically it! That’s how I got these wonderful darling pictures of my baby boy! Not bad for an amateur, I must say.

I am already making Xmas cards with these pictures!!