Planner Setup

How I setup my planners for use

  • Planner Supplies & Setting up a New Planner

      So the Bando Agenda started this week! To see my full review of the Bando Agenda check out my previous post here!  Setting up a new planner is always so much fun! Today I will be showing you how I prepare my planner for use! Planning successfully will help you have a successful year! […]

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  • Planner Setup – KateDori & FauxDori

    Here is a quick video running through my current planner setup! I use both together since the katedori doesn’t have an elastic, I don’t like it open so I just use both together! My katedori is more for expenses and my meal planning and the fauxdori is my main planner! Enjoy the video!

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  • How To Use Multiple Planners

    I get questions all the time about how I manage so many planners. I have tried many times to stick to one planner, but I just can’t do it. I can’t help it, I am a planner addict. I need my planners. I can’t not use all of them. Honestly though, I really only use […]

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  • My Mulberry Planner Setup

    Hello everyone! I really wanted to show you what was inside my personal planner. I am currently using both my mulberry agenda and my erin condren planners. I am in between planners and can’t decide how to use them! It had been working perfectly for me for months, but now I feel like it’s just […]

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