Welcome back to part 5 of the Personalize your Planner Series! To see the other parts of this series just search in the free printable inserts page for “personalize your planner” series! Next week I will be sharing my weekly pages! The ones i have been using in my planner! I absolutely love love love them! I hope you will too!


I have created several personal-sized inserts for my planner! I am currently using a medium sized kikki-k planner in lilac and gold. I am so in love with it. I wanted to personalize it and make it pretty and I created all new inserts just for it! & luckily for you I will be sharing ALL of them with you! I will be creating a series where I release a new personal sized printable insert every week starting today! There will be everything from daily pages, weekly pages, to do lists, to buy lists, and more! So be sure to keep coming back to the blog to come grab the next set of freebies for your personal sized planner! If you are looking for something else you can also check out my library filled with inserts with other sizes as well!  It’s time to personalize your planner the wendaful way!

Today we have another list printable!  A to buy list! This is a simple to buy list with a heart checklist to mark when you bought it and from what store! I love having this list  in my personal size planner especially when I am out and about and have no clue what we needed for the house! .I have included one with a cute kawaii shopping bag too, just f or fun! Download your personal to buy lists down below! Share this pinterest image below as well!



To Buy Kawaii

To Buy List

To Buy Kawaii on Letter PDF

How To Print Inserts:

For help on printing inserts, be sure to check out my blog post about how to print wendaful inserts here.

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Come back next week for weekly planner pages!