Year: 2016

  • Blue Sky Personalized Planner Review

    Blue Sky Personalized Planner Hey, everyone! I am so excited to introduce you to Blue Sky personalized planners and notebooks! Blue Sky makes tons of planners but for the first time they are letting you design it the way you want! Ever wanted to build your own planner? Well, now you can! You can personalize […]

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  • 2017 Year at a Glance Planner Insert

    Hello everyone! It’s that time year again to start prepping for the new year. I was cutting it close this year but hopefully you are just setting up your 2017 calendars! Soon enough it will be here and I want your planners¬†to be all ready and decked out with this colorful 2017 calendar! I have […]

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  • Personalize Your Planner: Week on a Page with Graph Inserts

    This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Personalize Your Planner

    Hi everyone and welcome back to another part of the Personalize your Planner Series! To see the other parts of this series just search in the free printable inserts page for “personalize your planner” series! This week I am sharing some Midori¬†inspired planner pages. These week on a page with graph is perfect for jotting […]

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  • Avery Printable DIY Cleaners Labels & Recipes

    DIY Natural Cleaners Labels & Recipes

    Today’s post is an Avery printable for DIY cleaners labels & recipes. This is perfect for organizers who love to DIY around the house. I recently have become a huge fan of DIY cleaners because it’s not toxic like store bought cleaners. I have little ones in my household, and they are always wanting to […]

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