I’ve made new stickers! I am so excited to share with you all these section header stickers! You can use these to place on the side bar of your EC planners or you can replace the morning/day/night sections! I have tried to come up with as many section headings as I could. I also left a whole column blank for you to write your own as well. The colors are all over the place but I tried to make them match their category, kind of. Anyways…

My fiance was quite thrilled to help me with this project since I used Excel. It was so easy and if you guys would like more colors or different fonts and headings please comment below! If there is enough feedback I would gladly make a whole new set! I hope you all can use these. Enjoy!

Section Heading Stickers

To Use:

For more details on how to use my printables to make stickers click here!

If you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog #mswenduhh

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead please send your friends here to download my free printables, thank you.