I have had my new lilac and gold foil small time planner from Kikki-K for a few weeks now. I do love it for the most part. It is so cute! Read on to find out what I like and do not like about this planner. I will post my setup of this planner as my wallet soon well!

The Feel

It feels pretty sturdy. It is a little stiff but is nice & soft. It is the perfect size for my purse and fits in my hand perfectly. 
However, I don’t like how it closes! I have it stuffed with my cards, but not a whole lot of inserts or anything. It looks very bulky, a little awkward and not secure. It bulges a bit in the middle. This would be perfect if I kept a slim planner but I can never keep it slim. 
Looks like a bulging belly!

Ring Size

The gold rings are beautiful but boy are they tiny. The Filofax ring sizes are about 15mm to 22mm in diameter, I’m not sure exactly of Kikki-K’s rings size however. Here is a comparison of the rings in the Kikki-K small planner and my pocket sized Filofax patent duck egg, look at that difference!
Ring Size Comparison

Gold Rings!

Still fits a lot of inserts though!


There’s just enough pockets for some main cards and a secretarial pocket for more storage! 

Elastic Band

This is probably the most annoying part of the planner for me. Especially when I have a pen in the pen loop. It’s not hard or anything just annoying. Having to wrap it around the whole planner. I’d rather much prefer the snap closure. 


The dividers and inserts it came with are for 2015 but I probably won’t be using them anyhow since I use a pocket as a wallet. The dividers are a pale pink color and comes with three – a monthly view, weekly view and dividers. They are so cute and the pages aren’t too thick or thin.

Monthly view
 Weekly view 
It also has a notepad in the back!

So there you have it. The small Kikki-K time planner. I love the color and design of this planner. Though I love the space, the feel and ease of snapping my pocket Filofax much more. I’m giving it a chance though since it looks cute.