Hey everyone! So remember how I put my Erin Condren Planner into a Kikki-K before, well I decided to do it again but this time with my Plum Paper Planner. I wouldn’t do it with my Erin Condren since I write my memories and such in that. I would like to keep that coiled so I can look back on it and see all of our memories and plans like a scrapbook!

My Plum Paper Planner is my business planner, however. I use it to track my expenses, my revenues, sales, orders, customs, etc. It’s not something I need to keep coiled and look back on.

I constantly use the shopping section in the “home bundle” add-on. But I hated that it was in the back. I refer to it often and wanted to access it easily.

I also wanted to take out some of the home sections since it is no longer a home planner for me, just a business planner for my blog and etsy shop.

So I thought why not uncoil it and put it into my daytimer? I have been wanting to use that daytimer since I’ve bought it and now I can! It looks so chic and professional for a business planner!

IMG_1679 copy1

So here is a video on how I put my Plum Paper Planner into my Daytimer! I bought this 7 hole puncher from amazon! If you have a Filofax or Kikki-k I highly recommend buying this 6 hole punch from amazon as well!

[amazon_link asins=’B01DJH659U,B001GR6BCM,B00006JNWX,B06XDSSKBJ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’wwc045-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b34fa685-10fa-11e8-b74e-d31980236f30′]

Oh, & I didn’t have to uncoil my planner! The method I used in the video doesn’t require any tools! Uncoiling a planner is a lot of work and very trying on your hands. All you need is a ruler and an Exacto knife! Watch the video to see how easy it was! This process took me about 30 mins to an hour top! Super easy!

Here are some pictures of the final product!
IMG_1682 copy
IMG_1683 copy
Monthly View
IMG_1684 copy
Weekly View
IMG_1679 copy
Plum Paper Planner in Daytimer
IMG_1681 copy
Customized Sections
IMG_1678 copy
Business Planner