There she is! All snuggled up into the kikki-k Berry Planner!!! eeek!

The Tools Needed:

  • Strong fingers and arms for uncoiling! (pretty exhausting & tedious, but easy once you got it down) 
  • A paper cutter to trim pre punched holes that were coiled 
  • PaperPro Hole Punch about $5 (also came in purple, green & pink)
    • this one I couldn’t find in stores but is only $1.99
    • works great, doesn’t hurt and I did about 5 pages easily!
  • An A5 divider with holes to use as a template for hole punching

Video Showing the Whole Process

only took me an hour in all! Very easy!

Pictures of the Erin Condren inside of the Kikki-K Berry Planner

Front Cover of EC inside Kikki-K
An angled view
Holes barely go into the weekly pages as seen here
Monthly View
Yearly View
Side View (BIG planner problems)
Punched the folder and zip pouch as well
Back cover
A little hard to shut with the whole erin condren inside, may have to take out some stuff
EEP! Only messed up on these 3 pages…no biggie though


How I Feel About it Now


  • I love the feel of carrying around a leather planner
  • nothing feels “open” and I no longer feel like things may fall out
  • I love that I can add, rearrange and take out pages as I wish
  • The pages are easy to turn


  • It is pretty packed, but then again I put in my “whole” eclp in there including covers, zip pouch and folder
  • hard to snap close
  • tabs stick out a bit


I love it. It is more important to me to carry it around comfortably. I love the feel and how easy it is to turn the pages now. I probably will finish this year’s erin condren planner then move into the kikki-k’s inserts for next year. I am in love with the kikki-k. I love that I’m still able to use my erin condren though because I love her weekly layout and cute colors. But I am a DIY girl and I love to change things up so this is perfect for me!