How often do you feel motivated to workout? Probably rarely, am I right? Every time you know you should start working out thoughts like, “I’m too tired”, “I just don’t feel like it today”, pops into our minds. You think, “Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel more motivated…”. Feeling unmotivated to exercise is way common. In fact, I bet that most of the people who do regularly exercise often feel a lack of motivation before getting started as well. The difference though is that they still take action despite these uninspiring feelings. Conquer your lack of motivation & build your exercise habit using these 8 tips!

Use Habit Stacking

Find a habit that you do regularly already and stack your new habit of some kind of exercise right after it. “After I (established habit), I will (new habit).” For example, After I brush my teeth, I will do my 7 minute workout”. Get specific with your intention, write it down and put it somewhere you will see, on your bathroom mirror, on your dresser, anywhere that will remind you. This concept became popularized by BJ Fodd from his Tiny Habits course.

Make Smaller Commitments

Make small commitments that will make it easier for you to start the habit of exercising. Instead of setting a goal of losing 20 lbs by a certain date, start by committing to exercising 5 minutes a day ever day. You have to try to make it so easy that anyone can do it. You’re tricking yourself into developing a habit by doing it on a regular basis. Soon those 5 minutes will turn to 10, 15, 20, 30 or maybe even 2 hours! But for now, focus on just those 5 minutes. Just get started!

Get Rid of Obstacles & Get Prepared

Always be prepared. Start each day planning out everything you will need to start your exercise routine. Prepare your shoes, clothes, and equipment the night before. Put it out somewhere visible so you can be reminded. Put on workout clothes even if you don’t feel like working out. Sometimes just wearing something active makes me feel active! If it’s hard for you to reach your yoga mat you most likely won’t do it, so make it easy for yourself and prepare ahead of time. Or if you know you will be too tired to work out when you get home, just go straight to the gym after work. Imagine what your obstacle is, then figure out what you can do to overcome it and plan a plan to do it! Download an app on your phone that helps you exercise ahead of time. Schedule time to work out and do it as planned.

Make Exercise Fun!

Bordeom is one of the biggest excuses people have for not exercising. Try different kinds of exercises until you find something that is fun for you. There are all kinds of exercise programs, try searching youtube, downloading apps, finding gyms and studios around your area. Try a few out and see which one seems the most enjoyable to you. Do it with a friend to help keep you accountable and make it more fun!

Use Your Phone!

There are so many apps to help you track, monitor and keep up with your exercises. We’ve all heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” It means with regular measuring and reporting you will keep yourself focused so that you can continue to improve your results. When you start seeing your progress from tracking you’ll want to try and beat it next time. You’ll continuously improve your workouts and make it fun and challenging. Some apps even make your workouts a game! You can tally up points and try to beat your own score!

Be Accountable

Share your workout/exercise goals with others. Having accountability when you’re trying to make a new lifestyle change can help you establish it for the long term. Check-in with the others on a consistent basis and decide what happens if you fall behind or what rewards you’ll get if you succeed.

Don’t Expect Instant Results

Exercising daily as a routine should be your ultimate goal. You won’t see results immediately, but it is working. Don’t become discouraged that after working out for 3 days you don’t see a difference. Think of the long term and try to be your best self every day. Enjoy the journey. If you’re feeling tired and unmotivated think about other parts of your life that may affect your drive to exercise such as sleep and nutrition. Those all contribute to your overall results. Be in it for the long run, make it consistent and you’ll improve in all aspects of your life. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to exercise. So whenever you start asking yourself “what’s the point of exercising today?” you can refer to that list and remember why.

Give Yourself a Real Reward

When you reach your exercise goal for the day reward yourself with something small. Say you can’t watch Netflix until your workout is done, or a small smoothie. Making your reward tangible will make your exercise habit more worthwhile. Over time you will start feeling good and rewards from the workouts itself.

Getting into the habit of working out is hard. The key is to have a plan in place to keep you on track, even when your willpower fails you, and then you can gather the motivation you need to work out daily.