It’s hard to remember all the things we have to do or keep track of everything in our lives. This is why it’s important to have a tracker where you can refer to periodically to make sure you’re staying on top of everything in your life.

In this week’s freebie, you’ll be getting 3 types of trackers included in each file: a monthly tracker, a horizontal annual tracker, and a vertical annual tracker.

The monthly tracker can be used to track:

  • bills every month for the year
  • chores/cleaning projects you have to do monthly throughout the year
  • habit/goal tracking
  • project timeline throughout the year

The horizontal annual tracker is great for:

  • various incomes (if you have multiple streams of income)
  • various bills (if your bills are different each month)
  • tracking your expenses each month (categories can be written on the side like: groceries, eating out, clothes, fun, etc. then totaled in the box each month).
  • health tracking (water, exercise, weight, doctor appts, dentist appts, illness tracking, etc.)
  • home/car maintenance (house projects, car oil changes, last time you changed the HVAC filter, replaced fire alarm batteries, etc.)

And finally the vertical tracker is great for tracking:

  • Analytics and statistics if you blog or have a business
  • The number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blog, Email subscribers, etc.
  • annual cleaning schedules (deep cleaning fridge, freezer, car, oven, curtains, etc.)
  • projects you have throughout the year
  • annual finance overview (top categories can include – income, expenses, giving, debts paid, savings, etc).
  • Personal care- hair care. date nights, mani/pedi, contacts, friends time, self-care time, etc.,
  • Backing up photos, memories, computer etc.

Whatever you need to track and keep track of, these inserts will help you so you don’t forget! I hope you enjoy these freebies, you can download it below!

Download Your Planner Inserts Here:

– Formats include: a TWO PAGE SPREAD w/ CROP MARKS
– These printables are formatted to be printed on any size paper (a4, letter, or pre-cut paper, etc) 
– Crop marks for easy cutting
-Just be sure to print at 100% or actual size

Best paper to print with – smooth and thick: 
Hammermill 28lb – (aff link)

How to Print True Size Inserts:

How to Print:

How to Resize Inserts:

Terms of Use The files I provide are for your personal, non-commercial use only. Please do not share or redistribute this file. You cannot reproduce them in any other format, and you cannot sell them or profit from their use