Month: November 2016

  • 2017 Year at a Glance Planner Insert

    Hello everyone! It’s that time year again to start prepping for the new year. I was cutting it close this year but hopefully you are just setting up your 2017 calendars! Soon enough it will be here and I want your planners to be all ready and decked out with this colorful 2017 calendar! I have […]


  • Avery Printable DIY Cleaners Labels & Recipes

    DIY Natural Cleaners Labels & Recipes

    Today’s post is an Avery printable for DIY cleaners labels & recipes. This is perfect for organizers who love to DIY around the house. I recently have become a huge fan of DIY cleaners because it’s not toxic like store bought cleaners. I have little ones in my household, and they are always wanting to […]


  • Personalize Your Planner: To Buy Lists

    Welcome back to part 5 of the Personalize your Planner Series! To see the other parts of this series just search in the free printable inserts page for “personalize your planner” series! Next week I will be sharing my weekly pages! The ones i have been using in my planner! I absolutely love love love them! […]