Month: August 2016

  • Balancing Multiple Planners as a Work at Home Mom

    Different Planners for Different Uses Ever since I’ve separated my planners tasks I realized that I was just doing way too much for my business and way too little for my family (the other planners I use are more for memory keeping rather than planning). I’m now able to see the balance I need for […]

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  • M is for Monster Kids Box Review

    If you have toddlers or preschoolers at home and need to keep them busy or would like them to learn while they’re home then the best box to get is from M is for Monster. I have tried several kids’ activities boxes and M is for Monster hands down the best. I have a B.S. […]

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  • Easy Free Kids’ Room Organization Labels

    This isn’t planner related but it is organizing related! My kids’ toys are always all over the place. I have bins with colorful pictures on them so they can organize it themselves but they seem to ignore it. Maybe because it’s just too much to look at and pay attention to. So I thought if […]

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