plan on the go


I have two planners. An Erin Condren and a Kate Spade Personal planner. I love my Erin Condren but it is just too big to carry in my purse. I plan on the go with my kate spade zipped agenda. It is perfect for throwing in my purse because it is small enough to fit my purse but also big enough to store everything I need, and I know nothing will fall out!

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If I am going on a long trip and need my decorating supplies with me I always turn to my CoolPencilCase. I have two now that I alternate between. My lavender Happy Baby Mega Pencil Case or Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Pouch Duo. Both can fit a ton of supplies!

I always take with me some colored pens, masking tape stickers, my favorite most used Etsy shop stickers, washi tape wrapped around a playing card or credit card, and a few paper clips.

When I am out and about or at a family’s house and am just waiting around, I always take my planner out and check my calendar. I would plan in any upcoming events or just make sure I didn’t forget to do a task on my to do list. Sometimes if I have time I would start planning next week or decorating just for fun.

I take out my my pencil pouches and have everything I need to decorate a little if I am bored. I love using colored pens to doodle sticker ideas. I also love using washi tape to decorate.

I also use it to keep track of my finances. I have a section for my personal finances and another section for my business. In my personal I keep track of all of my bills, whenever it is paid, I write down the amount I paid and check it off. I also write down any expenses within each of my budget categories. If we went grocery shopping, as soon as I get in the car I would write how much we spent and make sure we are still within our budgets. I then check to see if any of my online orders will be shipping soon.

In my business section I have income/expense inserts to keep track of my blog and Etsy shop’s finances. It really helps when I go to input my expenses for tax purposes in my GoDaddy bookkeeping account. I also have a time tracker and online shopping section in there for my business.

If I am out and about or in a long car ride I love taking out my planner to play with. I always get ideas and whenever an idea pops in my head I immediately write it down in my lists section. I have to do lists for my blog posts, stickers ideas, kids activities, family outings, quotes, wish list, and to buy. And for the holidays I added my gift list and bucket list. I love browsing my planner on the go and writing down anything that comes into my head.

The to buy list is my biggest savior. Whenever I need to buy something I always write it down immediately. Because once I am at the store, I know I will not remember. & that’s when I bust out my planner and bam! “Ooooh that’s what we needed to buy! Thank goodness I have my planner with me.” It has helped me to  remember what to buy at the store countless times.

So that’s how I plan on the go. How do you plan on the go? Let me know in the comments below!