I am glad to finally be back! I fell sick along with my boys this past weekend and really did not have anytime to work on any printables. These icon stickers have been a work in progress for forever and I am finally happy to share it with you all. All icons were found on iconfinder.com and were free for commercial use even though I’m not selling. I just created a nice rounded square backgrounds and colors to these icons and thought they’d be perfect for our planners.  You can use these for bills, reminders, etc.

I have included the following icons and what they can be used for:

  • Light bulbs – electricity/energy bill, when you need to change light bulbs, ideas
  • Phone – cell phone bill, people to call or facetime, budget (looks like a calculator kind of)
  • Gas Pump – keep track of how much you spend on gas, when you pump gas,
  • Money Bag – pay day, savings,
  • Trash – trash night, reminder of when to shred paperwork
  • Water Faucet – water bill,
  • Car – car insurance bill, car maintenance costs, places to go
  • Shopping Cart – grocery shopping, can write how much you spent inside the cart
  • Home – rent, home repairs costs, moving
  • Gear – maintenance, things that need fixing (cars, computers etc)
  • Weights – gym membership bill, or keep track of workouts
  • Credit Cards – credit card bills, or put a sticker when you charged on your credit card
  • Envelope – mail letters out, incoming mail, people to write to,
  • Hair – for hair appointments, or even just pampering time for yourself
  • Nail Polish – mani/pedis, reminder to pamper yourself
  • Wifi – cable and internet bill
  • Tree – landscaping bill, or reminder to take care of the front or back yards

Home & Bill Icon Stickers 

So I hope that helped you in some way of how to use these stickers in your planner I think I made them the perfect size. As you can see they can be used for more than just bills! I hope you like these stickers, let me know below if you would like to see more like this!

Click here to see how to turn these into stickers!

& How to Make Kiss Cut Stickers Without a Machine!

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