Today I am going to show you the inside of my wallet and how I have it all set up! I use my small Lilac Time Planner from Kikki-K as a wallet. I have been using it for about 2-3 weeks now. I love how cute and small it is, and it has just enough space for me to write some notes and lists, budget my money, and hold my cards in!
Here are some pictures of the planner; you can see my review on this planner here


I only have 3 dividers in my wallet, I made my own top tabbed dividers and used a label maker to stick onto the tabs. The sections I have are “To Buy”, “Notes”, & “Budget”.

  • To Buy
    • This is where I write my shopping list. I have it organized it by store so that when I am at that store I can just flip to that page and see what I needed or wanted from there. I also have some blank general lists for things that aren’t in any one particular store.
    • The stores I have listed in my planner are 
      • Target/Walmart
      • Arts and Crafts Stores
      • Grocery Stores
      • Amazon
      • Online Shops
      • Mall 

  • Notes
    • Here I just have inspirational pictures of clothes, makeup and organizing things that I like. So whenever I am out shopping I can see what I would like.

    • I budget using this color coding scheme
      • Kids (green) – purchases related to my children, (e.g., diapers, wipes, toys)
      • House (orange) – household purchases, and things we absolutely need (e.g.,  cleaning products, paper towels, gas)
      • Food (yellow) – food purchases, including dining out, fast food and groceries
      • Personal/Fun (pink) – any purchases that are for fun, going out, things that I want.

    • and I write in the details (the store name, the amount I spent, and a short description of what I bought) of it day by day in my weekly view pages

    • At the end of the two weeks I go back and look at all my expenses and fill out the actual amounts in the paycheck budgeting sheet to see how much we spent for that pay period. 
    • The color coding really helps for me to see where and what I am spending most of my money on. My weeks have been mostly pink and yellow, haha!


In the middle of the planner after “Notes”, I have all of my rewards cards.

I made them using this tutorial here: how to DIY your own card holders
I love having this because when I am at the store I can actually see all of my rewards cards and it’s so much easier to find! I put two cards in each sleeve with the front facing out.

Inside the Pockets

In the front pockets I have my main cards:

  • My Driver’s License
  • My Debit Card
  • and My Target Red Card 
  • occasionally I place my “going to use” rewards card fir easy (sephora’s as seen below)
  • I also have the small petco rewards card there because it was too tiny to place in a sleeve.

In the back secretarial pocket I keep my color coding stickers that I use for my budgeting. Everytime I have an expense I write it on these stickers, using the color code, and stick it on that day in the weekly pages.

In Back

In the back of my planner I use the notepad to jot down any notes I have to write quickly.

I also have envelopes that I bought from the dollar section in Target that I use as coupon holders. Read more about this and how to make it here!

I have the following sections:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Target
  • Household
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Kids

I labeled them by using washi tape, then just hole punched them into my planner, it fits perfectly!
have them organized by store or category. For example, if I have diaper
coupons they would go into the “Kids” envelope. Or if I had some clorox or
dish soap coupons they would go into “household”.  I keep these in the
back since it is a little bit bigger than regular pages.


In the back, I have a note card that was also from the dollar section at Target. I just placed washi tape on it and wrote “Receipts”.  I just place my important receipts in there, it’s like a cute little folder!

I hope this helped you in some way in setting up your own budget/wallet/planner!