It can be tough to stick to a routine, especially when the same task is repeated day after day.Does this sound familiar: It’s a new year, you set up a morning routine and have it all planned out about what you’re going to do the next morning, with some meditation, and a little working out. Now all you have to do is stick to the routine the next morning. But as soon as your alarm go off the next morning, you feel too tired and hit the snooze button instead. Following through on a routine is hard! But we know the benefits that come with sticking with a routine.  In this post, I am sharing three tips that can help make it a little bit easier.

Tip 1: Make it Enjoyable! 

When it’s hard to stick to a routine, one way to make it easier is by creating multiple rewards for following through with your plan. I always think about why I want to wake up and create special moments in my mornings to help me get up earlier.

For example, I bought a new creamer and milk frother for my coffee so now when I wake up in the morning I know that I would be able to enjoy it if I got out of bed. Another example would be listening to my favorite songs while brushing my teeth or getting ready. That always gets me up and moving. You can even change the way you are tracking your routines. Using a fun and colorful tracker with highlighters or stickers can help you “reward” yourself when you accomplish your routines.

Doing this makes your routine more rewarding and makes you want to follow through. So find out what you can do or add to your routines to make it more enjoyable 

Tip 2: Create variations of your routine

When it’s hard to stick to a routine, try creating variations of your routine. Make a “so easy you can’t NOT do it!” version. Sometimes a long overly complicated routine can make you give up before you even start. Make this routine include only non-negotiable items. Things that you must get done. Limit this routine to 3-5 steps. Then create another routine with extra steps for days that you feel more on top of your game.

For example, on your basic routine you will probably just put down “eat cereal or oatmeal”, but on your extra routine you might include a more complex meal like “avocado toast and eggs”. Having an easy routine will help you get started and stay consistent long enough to make it habit. 

Tip 3: Always adjust your routine

The third step to sticking to a routine is always adjusting it to fit your needs. If you find yourself struggling to follow your plan, make some changes so that it’s more manageable. For example, if you’re having difficulty waking up early, try setting an alarm for a later time or making some adjustments to your sleep schedule. 

Routines can also get boring fast, so by adjusting your routines you can add some excitement into your life. 

If you find yourself dreading your daily routine, try adding in some fun activities or changing up the order of tasks. This will help make the experience more tolerable and likely lead to continued adherence.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to sticking to your routine in no time!

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