how to plan for projects

What is a Project?

Firstly, let’s define what a project is. If you’re writing down “start a blog” on your to-do list, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. Starting a blog takes multiple steps and should not be written in your daily to-do list. That’s a project, and that’s where a project plan will help to make sure that your “start a blog” project gets done. So a project is anything that requires more than a single action or steps to get done.

STEP 1: Set a Category

So to begin I always like to set a category for that project. So if it’s starting a blog – that would go under business. Then I would set a goal date or a deadline for when I want to finish that project by. If you don’t set a deadline you will keep putting it off and you’ll wonder why a year has gone by and you still haven’t started that project. I like to set a few projects each year and try to accomplish 1-2 per quarter.

STEP 2: Brainstorm

The next thing I like to do is brainstorm all the steps required to complete that project. I usually use post-it notes so that I can reorder and reorganize the steps later. It’s a lot easier than rewriting it in order. In this step, I simply just write out all of the actions that are needed to get this project done. If you don’t know all the steps required right now, that’s okay too. Just get out as much as you know right now to get started.

STEP 3: Categorize & Organize

After brainstorming you can categorize and organize all those steps. This will all depend on your project and how your brain works. Categorize it the way you see fit. For example, for starting a blog I would have a section for website, one for content creation, and another for marketing. I then would try to list them in the order it needs to get done so that each action will be ready for the next action. I try to include as much action words and details so nothing is fuzzy. These tasks are the things that will eventually go into my weekly/daily to-do lists.

STEP 4: Reference & Notes

In your project plan, it’s also important to have a notes section to reference any links, blog posts, names, books, etc. These things will help in completing your project but aren’t necessarily actions.

STEP 5: Get Started

After completing your project plan the only next step is to get started. Look at the first item on that list and transfer it to your weekly or daily list and do it. Slowly you’ll see yourself going through all those steps and you’ll have finished a project successfully!

I hope that was helpful for you in learning how I plan for projects to get the big stuff done! Let me know what methods you use to plan for projects and if you have any other tips you want to share!


This project planner comes with a title page, index page, project planner and task list. It comes in the following planner sizes:

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