Have you ever felt like you’re losing control of your daily to-do’s? Does it seem like that list is growing longer and longer as the clock ticks without nothing ever getting done?

We are all busy these days. There are so many different tasks, appointments, and things to keep track of day in and day out. It’s not surprising that we need a little help to make sure we stay on task and remain productive throughout the day.

When we talk about getting more things done in the time we have, we’re actually referring to productivity.

By implementing some effective time management and productivity techniques, you can start ticking things off that to-do list and getting yourself to be much more productive every day!

Practice these techniques in the infographic below to develop effective productivity skills to get your to-do list done faster.

  1. Avoid overload

    • Taking breaks and resting is just as important as getting things done. Without breaks you can overwhelm yourself and burn out.
  2. Schedule times to check your email

    • Email can be a huge time suck. You’ll never get what you want to do done if you keep putting out other people’s fires. Work on what you want first and schedule certain times to handle email and other people’s requests later.
  3. Be honest with yourself

    • Being mindful and knowing your obstacles can help you overcome them.
    • The next time you are procrastinating ask yourself why are you avoiding it, then try to get to work.
  4. Learn how to say no

    • If it doesn’t benefit you or your goals, don’t waste your time on it. You don’t have to do everything.
  5. Follow the 80/20 rule

    • Most of the little things that you do that keep you busy probably aren’t the things that will help you reach your goals, so just get rid of it by delegating or even eliminating it altogether.
  6. Find your productivity period

    • Everyone is different. You might be a night owl or a morning person. Track your day to see when you get the most done and use that time to finish your big hard tasks.
  7. Finish the most important tasks first

    • Eat that frog! It is best to get done the biggest and hardest task first so that you have the momentum to get the other little things on your list done with ease.
  8. Plan your day before bed

    • Planning the night before helps you gain control of your to-do list by making sure you start the day doing what you intend to do. Plus, emptying your brain the night before helps you sleep better at night.
  9. Delegate and outsource

    • Hire a cleaner
    • Get your children to handle some cleaning jobs
    • Asking for help from friends
    • Share jobs with kids or partner
    • Get meals delivered to your home
    • Use a virtual assistant
  10. Bundle similar tasks

    • Batch all your errands like shopping, going to the post office etc. all at once for the week.
    • Write  all your posts for the month on a certain day
  11. Gain control of your meetings

    • Meetings can take up so much time.

The infographic below was provided by Salesforce to allow me to share their best productivity tips with my readers! Be sure to check out their website for more!

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How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster—Without Hiring an Assistant

Via Salesforce


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