Hello everyone! When I first started blogging, I had no idea that I would eventually have to start keeping track of so much. I was just writing and sharing my work with everyone. But as the years passed I have been given so much opportunities and it has truly become a big part of my life.

To stay on top of things with my blog I needed something to hold all the information that comes with managing a blog. When Lisa from personal planner told me about their notebooks and how customizable it was I knew it would be perfect for me. I would be able to include lined pages, graphing pages, dot graphs and more.

The personal planner notebook is amazing, the paper is so thick and smooth and you can even choose which color you’d like. It also comes with a strap to hold it together, just like their planner. You can see my review of their planners here. They also have new designs which you can choose from, I am in love with their newest line featuring expressive hand lettering! So pretty!

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I chose a small notebook so I can easily jot down ideas and it wouldn’t take up too much space on my desk or in my purse. It is the square one which is approximately 5.8 by 5.6 inches. They even have a smaller one which is 4.1 by 5.6 inches only!! I have been in love with smaller planners and notebooks because it is just so much more portable.

So for my blogging notebook, I wanted to  it as a place for me to jot down my ideas, reference it for information, and keep track of my statistics and other business. Taking the idea from my midori reference book I created an index in the first few pages.

IMG_7481 To make my page titles I just made some stickers with my silhouette’s print and cut feature. It makes each page stand out and looks cute! I also used masking tape and just wrote it down with a marker for some pages.

I printed a free blog planner from and resized it to fit my little notebook. I love her blog planner, it was super thorough and very organized. blog notebook

Here are the contents I have so far in my notebook:

  • Blog Ideas – for blog posts, things I want to write about or make, and to keep track of when I have scheduled it
  • Blog Schedule – A weekly schedule of what I would like to post every week. I would like to start posting 2-3 times a week for example I want to start posting my pages on Sundays for “Sunday Spreads”
  • Midori & Filofax Sizes – a quick reference for when I am making my printables
  • Blog Info – My site’s data informational sheet, passwords, blog theme info, domain and host account info etc.
  • Blog Plans – Ideas and future plans or goals for my blog
  • Creative Team – info for my creative team members
  • Blog Ad Networks, Sponsors, Giveaways – To keep track of all of the companies that help fund my blog
  • Sticker Ideas – on dot graph paper to doodle all of my sticker ideas that I’d like to design

sticker ideasblog notebook

I hope you enjoyed this post! Head on over to Personal-Planner now to grab your very own now!