In this day and age, we all just seem to get busier and
busier. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish there were more hours
in the day?”

Is there some magic formula that can help you get more done
each day? No, of course not! But there are specific things you can do that
will help you become more organized and efficient
. In return, you’ll
get more time to do the things you always wish you had time for.

Not everyone has the natural ability to get organized and, for some of us, it takes a serious amount of effort and a lot of trial and error to develop organizational skills.

If you’re one of those who weren’t born with the instinctive sense of organization and time management, here are some tips to help you find more timein your day. If one doesn’t work, simply try another until you find the ones that fit best with your personality and lifestyle.

1. Plan & Schedule Your Day

This seems rather simple, but seeing everything on paper can help you feel in control. Instead of letting an entire day get away from you and feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing, planning will put some order and structure into your day. When you visualize how your day will go before it happens you will have more say in how your day goes and will ultimately have a more productive day.

  • Use a family calendar or personal planner to organize your errands and appointments.

2. Write a Daily To-Do List

Put the most important tasks at the top of your list and get them done first, that way there’s no last-minute rushing around. The majority of your time and energy should be spent on accomplishing these important tasks. Eat that frog!

  • Keep your lists a reasonable length so you’ll feel productive crossing off completed tasks. I recommend only setting 3-5 big tasks for the day. The little things will find a way to get done.

3. Create Systems To Increase Your Efficiency

If you were to take the time to map out what you do each week, I guarantee there will be loads of tasks that you do on a repetitive basis. Tasks that you more than likely do slightly differently each and every time! Think of cleaning your bathrooms, writing a blog post, creating a video etc. You don’t want to waste time and bandwidth doing unnecessary things over and over. Instead, look to see where you can free up time by systemizing repetitive tasks and building out processes. Critically map out each task and in doing so you can streamline, chop out the inefficiencies, and unnecessary steps, and save time.

  • Automate your systems by writing down all the steps it takes to accomplish a task and cut out parts that you don’t need to save time. This also helps you to make sure you do it correctly next and every other time. 

4. Don’t Waste Time on Nonessential Tasks

It can be natural to do the easy jobs first, but these quick and simple jobs may not be as necessary as you once thought. Before setting your mind to do something, ask yourself “Will this help me reach my ultimate goals or willit keep me from them?”

  • Cut down your time on unimportant tasks and use those minutes to do something fun for yourself.

5. Delegate Tasks

Delegation isn’t about being lazy by giving the job to someone else, it’s realizing that you can’t do everything by yourself. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.

  • Delegate chores to your family or hire professionals.

6. Break Large Tasks Down into Smaller Jobs

This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Just focus on each small job, one at a time, instead of trying to do everything at once.

  • Need to reorganize your kitchen or basement? Start in one little corner and focus your attention there until it’s clean and organized.
  • Think of a large task that you’ve been procrastinating on for a while. Now figure out what little task you can take action on right now to get you started and then go do it.

7. Limit Distractions

I know this can be hard, but if at all possible turn off the phone and close your email program. Simply focus on the task at hand without constantinterruptions.

  • Schedule your most important tasks at a time that offers the fewest disruptions.
  • Hide your phone, use a blocking app, tell your family and friends you’re busy.

8. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

This may seem out of place in this list, but studies show that people who eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep have more energy to accomplish more during the day. The quality of your work will also improve when you feel healthy. When your body feels good, your mind will have more energy to stay focused on work.

  • You don’t need to start a strict training regimen
    to regain your energy. You’ll see changes quickly by just making
    simple dietary changes and walking everyday

9. Take Breaks

When you start to feel too stressed out, get up and take a little walk or do some stretches. When you’re stressed about something your energy isn’t being used on productive work. Instead you become scattered and unfocused.

  • A well-timed break can actually help you do more in a shorter amount of time.

10. Keep Track of Your Time for Several Days

By simply writing down how you spend the minutes in your
day, you can re-evaluate the way you do things. Maybe there’s a way you can cut
some minutes here and there to allow more flexibility in your schedule.

  • Effective
    time management is a key principle to a less stressful life.

Making some simple changes in the way you manage your timecan have a huge impact on your overall well-being. So go get started!

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