Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Life

Every time I feel stressed out or when I start feeling overwhelmed, the first thing I do is start clearing out the clutter. Decluttering does more than just make your home look neater or more spacious. Decluttering can improve your life in a number of ways.

With 2019 just weeks away, I’ve already started a few decluttering projects. I’ve emptied out my closet, cleared out the kids’ toys (because I know they’ll be getting way more from Christmas), and reorganized my office. Now I feel so much freer and able to focus on my work. I feel organized and ready to finish the year strong.

Keep reading to see some of the ways that decluttering can improve your life.

You’ll Gain More Time

Think of all the time you waste searching for things in your messy environment. Consider how often you don’t feel like doing much or going anywhere because your cluttered surroundings have left you feeling depressed. Investing the time to clean out and organize your living space will pay off in all the hours of your life you take back.

You’ll Be More Focused

A messy environment leads to a disorganized mind. Being surrounded by clutter makes it very hard to concentrate and takes away your energy. You can’t focus with brain fog. An organized space can truly rejuvenate you.

You’ll Sleep Better

By clearing the clutter, you are giving yourself peace of mind and it will help you to get a deeper and more restful sleep.

You’ll Stop Procrastinating 

How many times have you chosen not to cook because there was a pile of dishes in the sink? or How many times did you not want to start working because when you opened up your computer you saw all the programs and tabs you left open and it overwhelmed you thinking about all the stuff you have to finish? When your space is cluttered it keeps you from getting started on a task. By decluttering you will lessen the chance of you procrastinating.

You’ll Make Some Extra Money

Everyone could use some extra money, especially around the holidays. Surely, you have some possessions lying around that would be of value to someone else. Why not gather them up and consider listing them online. There are a number of apps and markets you can sell used items to these days. The money you make from any sales can go toward your new hobby or savings.

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As you can see, there ís so much more to decluttering than you ever realized. There are so many benefits from  decluttering. Hopefully, you’re feeling more motivated to start decluttering before the year ends.