This was my Christmas present! All carefully chosen by my wonderful Paul bear! He knows me so well. I was super surprised when the mail lady handed me this box from Kikki-K! Ecstatic actually!

These are the things he got for me:

  • Kikki-K Gold Medium Time Planner
  • Planner Dashboard Starter Kit
  • Water Intake Stickers
  • Live Bright Gold Foil Stickers
  • Live Bright Paper Tapes
  • Cute Paper Tapes

 Kikki-K Gold Time Planner Medium:

The Gold Planner is so luxurious! It is soft and sturdy and the color is perfect. It comes with dividers, monthly pages, weekly pages, birthdays, shops, addresses, expenses, and a notepad!

 Paper Tapes: Live Bright & Cute Set

Their washi tapes comes in a pack of 4 and has the cutest designs to match their stationery line! They aren’t very sticky but are super adorable. Perfect for decorating our planners!

Planner Dashboard Starter Kit

This kit is so so sooooo perfect! It comes with everything you need for a personal sized planner! There are post it notes, stickers, a divider tab, a dashboard, a folder and a magnetic paper clip! They look so cute too! I already have it all setup throughout my planner! 


I love these gold foil hearts and diamonds stickers, they are part of the live bright collection. It comes with two sheets as pictured below! I can’t wait to use them!

 The water intake stickers come in a pack of 4 sheets and a variety of colors. You can see below how they fit perfectly in the weekly pages!

So that was my haul from my Christmas with Kikki-K! I hope you liked this post and maybe feel more confident in knowing what you’re buying online! I think everything I got was a super good deal and the quality was all perfect! I love it all!