Having a sheet of stickers which are kiss cut makes it easy to peel and use your stickers, and keep them all organized! As soon as I received my ink and sticker paper, I went crazy printing all my stickers for my planner! But I didn’t want a bunch of small cut out stickers everywhere. There had to be a way to cut these stickers without spending money on a cutting machine. I really wanted a Silhouette Portrait, but my husband was like what does the silhouette do? I then went on to tell him, “it cuts the sticker paper lightly around each shape”, and just then an idea popped into my head!

Remember this quick tip about peeling your sticker sheet? Well, what if I just cut lightly on the sticker itself? Hmm…well I quickly got up and tried it, and voila! Kiss cut stickers!  Whoop whoop!

FYI this probably won’t be a great idea for more intricate pieces or curves and such, unless you’re handy with the Exacto knife.

UPDATE: a new tool that’s great for cutting stickers is the gyro-cut. I haven’t used it for myself but I’ve heard from other planner addicts that this is easy to use and cut shapes out of your stickers easily! You can pick one up from Amazon here:

So if you too don’t have a Silhouette machine, but still want to DIY your own planner stickers read on below to see how to make your own kiss cut stickers and keep all of your stickers on the same sheet! No more little stickers everywhere! Woo hoo!

You can find these same free printable banner stickers here!

How To Make Kiss Cut Stickers:



Tools Needed:

  • Ruler (the one I am using is a metal ruler from target)
  • Exacto Knife (mine is super old and probably not as sharp anymore)
  • Printed Stickers on Sticker Paper

How To:

Line up the ruler along the edge of one side of the printed sticker paper and cut down with your exacto knife against the ruler.



  • Cut them by columns and rows, and be sure to make each cut meet the previous cut so it peels off easily.
  • Depending on your sticker paper, you may have to do it with a lighter or heavier hand.
  • Also be sure to always keep the knife against the ruler or else you might stray like I did a few times.

Align the ruler against the top edge and sides of squares and rectangular stickers like these.

For the flag part, just angle your ruler and cut along that too.

Here you can see that I cut through the paper because I wasn’t using a light enough hand.

& That’s it! Now you have your very own sheet of kiss cut stickers to use whenever you plan!



This is how they look on my daily planner pages!


Close up of my stickers in use! (banner stickers can be found here!)


I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial! It’s a great way to DIY stickers for yourself without having to spend big bucks on a silhouette machine! If you do end up using this method I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wendafuldesigns or #wendaful