I am currently using my pocket Filofax as a wallet. Unfortunately it only has two card slots! I was in desperate need of some card holders and with using what I have around the house I made these!

Read on to see how I made them!

Supplies Needed:

– Baseball trading card holders – I have the half size ones from when I used to coupon.  (These can be found at Walmart or office supply stores)
– Scissors
– Washi tape
– Hole puncher 
– Marker or pen 
– Filofax page with holes punched to use as a guide
Step 1: Cut vertically in half being sure to cut just outside the sealed edge (only thing about this is that the rest would be wasted!)
Step 2: Cut horizontally in half now 

It should look like this now:

Step 3: As you can see these already have holes in them which don’t match my pocket! So the next step is to Washi tape both sides on that edge. 

Step 4: Use a guide to hole punch. These aren’t exactly pocket sized, so for every other pocket I would make one on top and one on bottom. I kind of like it this way too so I can see cards behind them too.

Step 5: Use a marker to mark the holes then hole punch (the Washi tape over the plastic makes it easier to punch as well)

Step 6: this is optional but for extra security. Washi tape the outer edge. (Here I folded the tape over but it looked messy so I fixed it and made it better)

Step 7: Put these into your pocket Filofax, one on the bottom, the next on top like this:

Step 8: Put two cards in each slot facing out! 

And that’s it!! Aren’t they cute? They are wide enough to easily pull out and put back in!
Here are some more pictures:

Thanks for reading!!