These are my binders that I use. Couponing is serious business. If you aren’t organized there is no way you can find your coupons to use and get the great deals. If I didn’t find this method of organizing it would have made Couponing so much more stressful for me. Anyways here is the breakdown on how I stay organized. 
How I organize my coupons:
Binder #1: 
  -A mini binder with dividers and 2/4 pocket holders
    –Clipped coupons in A-Z order
       – I only clip coupons I think I might use
    –Store coupons 
       – ones from their website or printed from stores

Binder #2:
  -my shopping mini zippered planner/binder 
    –holds all rewards cards
    –has pocket on inside that I labeled “in cart”
    –dividers and sheet pocket holders 
        – tabs include:
             – today’s trip, must-haves, baby items, moneymakers & specific stores
    –also has notepad in back and a pen holder
        – in back of pocket to hold the notepad I put all of the store’s coupon policies with tabbed labels 

Binder #3:
  – a zippered full size binder with sheet protectors
     — I use the clip less organization method from 
     — I also print out their coupon insert list and put it in sheet protectors so I don’t have to look through the insert! It’s amazing! 
     — I also check off coupons that I’ve clipped and cross out ones that I didn’t get in my inserts 
Here is the link:

So that’s how I organize and shop with my coupons! Hope it helped you!