Summer is just around the corner, and while the thought of not having to wake up early anymore sounds nice, the thought of having the kids home all day also seems daunting. But I’ve crafted a system that allows us to enjoy the sunshine while keeping my business afloat as well. Here’s how we make the most of our summer days, balancing work, play, and everything in between to create summer routines for kids that are both fun and functional.

Transitioning to Summer Routine

As the school year winds down, we begin shifting into our summer mode. Here’s how we smoothly transition:

  • Evaluate Needs
    • We start by assessing our daily needs for family activities and balancing work. Understanding each child’s interests and our professional deadlines helps in crafting a schedule that suits everyone.
  • Set Goals
    • Next, we define what we hope to achieve over the summer. This includes both personal and professional goals. Whether it’s progressing in my business, ensuring the kids enroll in swim lessons, or having more family outings, setting clear goals keeps us focused.
      • Some of our goals include teaching my daughter the electric guitar, putting her in swim lessons and art classes and teaching my sons how to start coding and keep up their basketball skills.
  • Create a Flexible Schedule
    • Our summer schedule is all about flexibility. I block out mornings for focused work time, as that’s when I’m most productive and the kids are still cool with slower-paced activities. The afternoons are reserved for family fun.
  • Integrating Physical and Social Activities
    • Daily Dose of Outdoor Fun: Whether it’s a trip to the park or backyard play, we make sure to get outside every day.
    • Summer Classes: My kids also participate in summer classes like swimming or soccer, which are great for both energy-burning and socializing.
  • Plan Activities
    • We love theme days for the summer! Here’s a quick overview:
      • Make-it Monday: Crafts or science projects.
      • Adventure Tuesday: Visits to local attractions. We live in San Diego so this is perfect because the 3rd or so Tuesdays are when Balboa Park attractions are usually free.
      • Water Wednesday: Anything from water balloon fights in the backyard to pool time.
      • Thoughtful Thursday: Library trips or quiet reading time.
      • Foodie Friday: We cook or bake together, exploring new recipes.
  • Communicate Changes
    • We discuss the new routine as a family to ensure everyone knows what to expect and can voice their preferences or concerns. This open communication helps in adjusting our plans to better suit everyone’s needs.

Daily Breakdown of our Summer Routine

Here’s a sneak peak at how my family structures our days to make sure we’re relaxed but still productive:

Time Activity Notes
8:00-9:00 AM Wake Up & Breakfast It’s summer so we’re sleeping in a little! Our usual time is 6:00am-7:00am so these extra couple of hours will be so nice! Then we will start the day with breakfast.
9:30 AM Personal/ Work Out Time / Morning Routine Brief personal time for planning, working out or relaxing.
10:00 AM Work Block #1 Focus on high-priority business tasks (content creation, emails).
11:30 AM Mid-Morning Break Short break with kids for a healthy snack.
12:00 PM Kid’s Educational/ Hobby Activities Supervised learning activities like learning an instrument or play.
1:00 PM Lunch Prepare and eat lunch with the kids.
2:00 PM Work Block #2 Continue with work, possibly schedule calls or meetings. Kids can do chores to earn screen time
3:30 PM Family Activity Time Go out for a walk, visit a park, or do a home-based activity.
5:00 PM Chill Zone / Independent Play/ Screen Time Kids play independently in designated areas.
6:00 PM Dinner Prep Kids can help in the kitchen or continue independent play.
7:00 PM Dinner with Family Time to catch up and enjoy a meal together.
8:00 PM Family Leisure Time Watch a movie, play games, or enjoy a family activity.
9:00 PM Kids’ Bedtime Routine Get the kids ready for bed.
9:30 PM Personal / Couple Time Wind down, plan the next day, spend time with my spouse.

We all do Household Chores as a Team

Involving the kids in daily chores has been a game-changer. It teaches them responsibility while helping me manage our home more efficiently. We turn chores into fun challenges (like racing the clock), which makes the kids more eager to participate.

Afternoons = Family Fun Time

Our afternoons are dedicated to active family time. Whether it’s a day out exploring or just playing in the backyard, this is our time to bond and make summer memories.

Quiet and Family Time

We all need time to ourselves so after playing outside or doing a fun activity it’s time to settle down with our own personal tasks.

  • Quiet Time: Afternoons post-activity are for downtime, where we all engage in quiet reading/screen time or simply relax to recharge.
  • Family Time: Evenings are for family activities like movie nights or board games, turning screen time into bonding time.

Weekly Planning Routine

Sundays are our planning days, where we review what went well the past week and set up the next week. This keeps everyone involved and looking forward to upcoming activities.

Tools to Stay Organized:

I swear by:

Grab Your Free Printable Summer Planners

To make your summer even smoother, I’ve created a Free Printable Summer Planner that includes:

  • Daily Planner with Schedule: Morning, afternoon, and evening sections to organize each day.
  • Routine Checklist for the Week: Keep track of weekly tasks and activities.
  • 4 Monthly Calendars for the Summer: Plan out the entire summer at a glance.

This planner is designed to help you and your kids enjoy a structured, fun-filled summer. Download it here and start planning an unforgettable summer!

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Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, learn, and have fun. To help you keep your little ones entertained and engaged, I’m excited to introduce my Summer Activities for Kids Printable Pack! This comprehensive printable pack includes over 20 pages of activities designed to make summer both fun and educational.

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  • I’m Bored Lists: Keep boredom at bay with a list of fun and creative activities.
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  • Bingo Bucket Lists: Combine the thrill of bingo with the excitement of a bucket list.

This printable pack is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and learning. Whether you’re looking for ways to keep your kids busy during a long road trip, on a rainy day, or just want to add some structure to their summer break, this pack has got you covered.

You can purchase the Summer Activities for Kids Printable Pack here , and start making this summer one to remember!

If you need a chore chart checklist be sure to check this one out as well: Kids Chore Chart and Budget Bundle or if you’d like a neutral version download this one.

By following these steps, you can build a summer routine that’s as organized as it is fun. Here’s to a summer filled with happiness and plenty of sun-soaked memories!