Month: May 2014

  • Filofax Wish List Printable

    My wish list is always changing and I would buy some things so Id have to cross it off (ugh) I hated it, so I made this more organized one. It has the date, product, price, and if you bought it or not check off column.  I made it in 4 different sizes since I […]


  • How I Organize My Stickers

    My sticker collection have slowly grown in the past month. I can’t believe I have only begun this planner and stationary madness a month ago. I feel like I’ve been doing it all my life. Anyways I’ve gotten quite a few stickers now and I needed a way to store them. I tried the binder […]


  • Free Printable Journaling Cards

    So I was on Pinterest and found tons of awesome, beautiful journaling cards! Best of all they were all FREE! That’s why I had to buy my corner cutter! I have lots of card stock now I just need to stock up on some ink! Follow my planners&stationary board on Pinterest!  There are literally pages […]