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You know you can ACHIEVE MORE & STRES less

I’m Wenda, and I started Wendaful Planning in 2014 as a lifeline during my transition from a preschool teacher to a stay-at-home mom. What began as a personal quest to manage daily chaos with two little ones has blossomed into a thriving community dedicated to empowering individuals with practical, creative planning solutions.

My mission is simple: to empower you with practical, tailored tools and strategies that transform how you organize your life and pursue your goals. Here, you’ll find more than just planners and courses — you’ll discover a holistic approach to productivity that acknowledges your unique lifestyle, challenges, and aspirations.

From digital planners designed to streamline your days to online courses that unlock your full potential, everything at Wendaful.com is crafted with one goal in mind: to help you live a life that’s not just productive, but joyful and stress-free.

Join me in this journey as we explore the art of making every day Wendaful. Together, we’ll tackle your to-do lists, realize your dreams, and find time for what truly matters. Because life isn’t just about doing more — it’s about making every moment count.

We know first-hand how it feels

Imagine a life where every morning starts with clarity and purpose.

With Wendaful.com, that vision becomes your reality. Our tools and strategies transform overwhelming to-do lists into clear pathways to your goals, creating a life of balance and fulfillment.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Sharper Focus: Clear the mental clutter and zero in on what matters.
  • Seamless Organization: Turn chaos into calm with effortless planning.
  • Realizable Goals: Break down dreams into doable actions.
  • Time for Joy: Reclaim hours for what you love.
  • Easeful Productivity: Achieve more with less stress.

Embark on a journey to a life that’s not just efficient, but enriched and truly ‘wendaful’.

Meet the founder


Back in 2014, I started Wendaful Planning from my room as a stay-at-home mom. It all began with a simple goal: to get my life and to-dos in order while wrangling two energetic toddlers. That’s when I fell in love with paper planning – it was a game-changer!

My blog kicked off as just a fun way to share stickers with planner buddies. But hey, it grew into so much more! I realized we all struggle with the same thing – tons to do, not enough time. So, I dove headfirst into finding cool ways to make planning less overwhelming and more fun.

Here at Wendaful Planning, it’s all about finding what works for you. Whether it’s mastering your schedule or getting creative with your planner, I’ve got your back. Let’s make planning a part of your daily vibe, and turn those plans into action, one fun step at a time.

So, come on in and join the Wendaful community. Let’s make every day count, together!

My Core Values

1. Individuality in Planning: I celebrate the uniqueness of each individual’s planning style. There’s no one-size-fits-all here; it’s all about what works best for you.

2. Balance in Life: I’m all about finding that sweet spot between productivity and personal time. Life’s not just about doing; it’s about enjoying too.

3. Community and Sharing: I believe in the power of community. Sharing ideas, successes, and even challenges makes us all stronger and more connected.

My heartfelt beliefs

1. Making Life Awesome with Organization:Transforming tasks into accomplishments and owning your time – that’s my aim. It’s not just about checking off boxes; it’s about leading a powerful life.

2. Finding Happiness in the Hustle: Life’s a journey, and I’m here for every step. My journey is about finding joy in planning and doing, making every day count.

3. Continuously Learning: Planning isn’t static; it’s a journey of discovery and growth. We’re constantly seeking new strategies and ideas to enhance your planning experience.

Did you know?

Okay, here’s a little trivia about me – I’m totally hooked on Animal Crossing! Yes, in between organizing life and chasing after tasks, you can find me living it up on my virtual island. It’s my go-to for a bit of relaxation and creativity. Who knew managing a virtual world could be just as fun as planning in the real one?

You’ve got big dreams for your business and we know it's possible to build a long-lasting legacy that matters.

Let's do this

Ready to Transform Your Planning and Your Life?

Join us on this journey to a more organized, productive, and joyful life. With our blend of hybrid planning tools, personalized coaching, and a supportive community, we’re here to make every day a step towards a more fulfilled and ‘wendaful’ life.


the beginning

Left my teaching job to chase after my two energetic kiddos at home. Little did I know, this was the first step to creating Wendaful Planning. Who knew chaos could lead to such creativity? My blog, MsWenduhh, began as a cozy spot for sharing planner stickers. Then I switched it to wendaful.com.  It quickly blossomed into a community hub for all things planning. It’s amazing how sharing a few stickers can start so many conversations!



crafting & creating

Dived into the world of sticker making with my Silhouette cutting machine. Attending the Silhouette Summit conferences was a game-changer, opening up new avenues for creativity and planner customization.


Embraced a digital/paper system

Ventured into the realm of digital planning, not to replace but to complement my paper-based methods. This hybrid approach blended the best of both worlds, offering flexibility and innovation in my planning techniques. Everyone’s different, right? So I started mixing things up, creating all sorts of planner inserts. Whether you’re into detailed daily breakdowns or chill weekly views, I’ve got something for everyone.


2023 - present

Coaching & Sharing Wisdom

Fast forward to today, and Wendaful Planning is all about helping you juggle life with a bit more ease and a lot more fun. A major milestone was reached when I started coaching and spoke at two conferences about my unique weekly planning system. It was thrilling to share my knowledge and help others refine their planning skills.

I’m always learning, always growing, and I’m here to share every tip and trick in the book (or planner)!


years of experience in planner coaching


students enrolled in my courses


custom planner designs made


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